Retribution movie part 3 (fun, action, strip live strip poker, skinny dipping, ect)

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Retribution is an independent teen action thriller where six college kids go camping in the mountains and cross paths with a kidnapping in progress. What started as a weekend of wild partying, strip live strip poker and skinny dipping turns into a fight for survival. A gang of brutal killers hunts the kids while the FBI is powerless to help. In the end people always get what they deserve. Written and directed by Steven R. ZellersYou can watch the complete movie below however it is broken up into 10 parts on You tube because of uploading and file size. You know the deal. Well if you ever tried to upload video you do.As far as Retribution…There’s a couple of things you need to know. First up it was a low budget movie to start with, and my first crack at directing, and because of the file size uploading thing the quality isn’t that great.With that said I want you to know that I think Retribution is still a pretty gosh darn good movie for what it is. I’ve seen much worse in the movie theaters.  All I ask is that you give it a far chance before you pass judgement.  Making a movie isn’t really that easy of a think to do.  It takes a lot of people working together to create one piece of art.  I am grateful that  I had the privilege of working with a lot of talented people on this movie.R rated for language and brief partial nudity Read More ar
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. stacks6969allday Says:

    so many lines off of this movie is from ransom the parts with the kindanapping haha

  2. bansia24 Says:

    0:55… worth

  3. smile2dann Says:

    Wahoo go singapore

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