Ray J – Curious lyrics NEW

July 04, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

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Team PokerStars Online’s Dale ‘Daleroxxu’ Philip video blogs from NAPT Los Angeles. www.daleroxxu.co.uk

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13 Responses to “Ray J – Curious lyrics NEW”

  1. Rafau01 Says:

    Dj felli fell …bamm:) nice Producer!

  2. j66cobra Says:

    am i deaf or is half the song not there

  3. ruebenstubin Says:

    this mutha fukka grooves…..

  4. 1987MusicBox Says:

    Good song

  5. Daleroxxu Says:

    @Keithissocool I had 10% of his NAPT action and he paid me back today. I think he was wise not to play it after finding out how tough the field was, doesn’t make sense.

  6. Keithissocool Says:

    any thought on nick not paying his stakers back after not playing NAPT? not very professional. please answer back….

  7. FletcherHabit Says:

    nice update video but whens your next poker tips vid? congrats on all your accomplishments

  8. NYStateOfMind986 Says:

    congrats on team online

  9. socratesjr Says:

    Euros are so much weaker than americans in so many ways — bad constitutions I guess. At least you guys are decent poker players.

  10. SHIPIT01 Says:

    Dirty slowroll :(

  11. Randy1337 Says:

    How did you make it to team online?so sick man!

  12. insideoutface Says:

    Can’t believe you landed the Team Online you jammy bastard.

  13. theredeyejedi13 Says:

    not first

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