Rack 16/06/09

September 17, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Ronnie/Jack strip live strip poker scenes – including them getting caught by Peggy :P
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25 Responses to “Rack 16/06/09”

  1. TheJimmy98765 Says:

    Ronnie is sooo sexy!!!

  2. MissKikiKaur Says:

    hahahaha, they got caught by ronnie’s lil auntyy xD how cuteee loll

  3. austriaprincess1 Says:

    one of my fav :)

  4. abdi2man Says:

    scotty is looking hot in this

  5. lucylizzy1992 Says:

    has any 1 got the clip wre ronnie waiting outside not wanting to go in and any sal had jacks boxers shorts and lafing lol

  6. Georgiemay1998 Says:

    omg has anybody noticed when hat girl leaves jack has his button up full and then when the other fella leaves its half done i do see them unbottoning more buttons after the women leaves but wats the point hhaha xx

  7. Rack4EvaEastEnders Says:

    Looool This Bits Funny!

  8. zareenaziz89 Says:


  9. shamim13333 Says:

    what did Jack do to her just before Peggy walked in on them ? Did he strap her bra off i could not tell lolzz

  10. AmzBomaTeanibeani Says:

    i think at 22 secs their having a laugh sam and scott and the camera accidentaly caught it

  11. SamanthaWomackFanX Says:

    Haha Lol :P rack are so cute 2gether :)

  12. jojoandbex Says:

    so funny

  13. SamanthaWomackFanX Says:

    Hahaa so funny when Peggy walks in lool x

  14. AmzBomaTeanibeani Says:

    @themateshock i know i thought she was but i am glad amira was and not chelsea

  15. themateshock Says:

    @AmzBomaTeanibeani she isnt

  16. 7GreenMonster Says:

    What Were Rack Doing At 21/22 Secs It Looks A Bit Wierd … Ahha :L

  17. Hols1994 Says:


  18. AmzBomaTeanibeani Says:

    Yea that does Happen but chelsea thinks she pregnant :S

  19. themateshock Says:

    @AmzBomaTeanibeani apparently ronnie says that she will accept the proposal when Jack gets well enough to propose on one knee.

    They kiss :D

  20. Lollipop629 Says:

    @rack4eva Yh, that’s what I was thinkin

  21. rack4eva Says:

    at 21sec wat ar they doing ????????????????????

  22. shopaholicgirl10 Says:

    @Lollipop629 i dont think she does , its most prob a one off cuz jack punches him when he finds out hes been kissing ronnie .

  23. Lollipop629 Says:

    His doctor starts to flirt with Ronnie, argggghhh!!!
    Hopefully, she wont fall for him

  24. AmzBomaTeanibeani Says:

    i think they get back together once he wakes up :D

  25. emsywemsyH Says:

    don’t worry he doesn’t die :)

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