Question about texas holdem strategy??

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Question by dunhate235: Question about texas holdem strategy??
Okay i was reading a wikipedia article on poker strategy- and it says that there are other more advanced strategies. However, i have tried to do some research and i have never found anything that was even more advanced on the net. So basically do you guys know any good links or have good info on some “advanced strategy”?
Ummm queens i think i figured that out quite a while ago. That is basic basic basic advice. Maybe read the article and try to give me something that i dont know??

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Answer by queensrightelbow
I always fold when i get any cards less than Jack or not of same suit if from more than 6. I can build from a K play money to K within an hour.

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  1. Adam S Says:

    Get off the net and read a few books. Wikipedia is going to give you the contributor’s poker advice and who know where his strategy came from. (Which is not to say the advice in wikipedia isn’t any good. Glancing at the articles you link to there’s some pretty good stuff there.) If you want advanced poker strategy you want to read David Sklansky or Mason Malmuth. If that’s too advanced there are hundreds of other poker books out there, almost all of which are likely to have been written by someone whose poker knowledge is better proven than the unedited, untested, unknown wikipedia contributor.
    If Sklansky or Mallmuth’s advice isn’t advanced enough for you, you’re thinking too hard. There is a limit even to the complexity of poker strategy. You can think up and pull off the most complex, ingenious, well-planned and executed move in the history of poker and still get whomped by some idiot playing 83o just because they “had a feeling.”

  2. sabes99 Says:

    this advice in the article is almost completely taken from “the theory of poker” by david sklansky, who is referenced a couple of times as you probably noticed

    the only more advanced strategy i can think of right now that can help you is the idea of psychological manipulation…knowing your opponent and everything about him can really help you when you are playing against people you’ve never played against…in online play, that would be his statistical information and to some degree the chat box, but in live play, the idea gets more complex, since you can see and talk to your opponents…i’ll some live-play examples

    say you are starting a live tournament and seated with a group of people you don’t know…there is one empty seat to be filled, and a man wearing numerous gold chains with an open button down shirt and smoking a cigarette takes the final seat, and you notice immediately that he won’t stop moving his leg, and that he stacks his chips very sloppily…what can you assume about this player? is he going to be a tight, conservative player, or will he gamble it up? you can safely guess that this guy is going to be pretty loose and aggressive most likely

    in contrast, a very well-dressed guy is sitting in another seat, very calm and collected, and spending a lot of time making his chips very neat and tidy…well, you can probably guess that this guy doesn’t spend too much time actually playing pots if he’s got so much time on his hands to stack chips nicely, and that he’s pretty conservative with his money

    you ask the man sitting next to you how he entered the tournament, and he says he got in through a satellite…you can guess that this guy is just here for the ride, living the dream, and just hoping to scratch into the money…you can also guess that he won’t be putting a lot of money in the pot without a big hand

    you ask the man on the other side of you how he entered, and he says he bought in directly…you then ask what he does for a living, and he tells you that he is a bookmaker…right away you should know that this guy has the money and will be willing to gamble

    now these things don’t tell you all that much about them until you see them play, but they give you at least a small idea since you’ve never watched them play…i don’t know how much live poker you play, but when you do and you play people you don’t know you should make sure to notice these things

  3. James R Says:

    There are several good places you can go for advanced strategies. Probably the easiest one for beginners and intermediates is Learn To Win Holdem.

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