Q&A: What are good sites to play "play money poker"?

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Question by trueballer999: What are good sites to play “play money poker”?
Easy 10, thanks!

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Answer by Wayne

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4 Responses to “Q&A: What are good sites to play "play money poker"?”

  1. pdq Says:

    Go to PokerStars.NET or FullTiltPoker.NET.

    Make sure you go to .net, not .com. The .net will only allow you to play for “play money”.

    Have fun.

  2. the gambler Says:

    try here on :http://www.gamblingcarnival.com/pokerrooms.htm

    good luck

  3. Neel Says:

    Here it is http://www.spelonlinecasino.com/ Have a look..I m sure you will like it.

  4. Randall Says:

    The best is on my blog. I hope you mean making money playing poker. Some day I will write a book on poker, to win money only.

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