Q&A: should i send this problem to fraud investigation???

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Question by “/ J()€: should i send this problem to fraud investigation???
i authorized one use of my credit card for my close roomate friend “like my brother” to use on a poker “online game” on Monday, i checked my banking activity this morning and i’m missing 0…all of which was debited from the same online game website…. i asked him about it and he has no idea why or what happend…

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he’s lying

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  1. Erin S Says:

    Likely you will have to file a police report first. Something similar happened to my grandmother. She let someone use her card to take $20 out and they took out $400, when she filed the police report they were told even if it was authorized for your to take a certain amount out, taking out more is theft and the woman was arrested. It is up to you what you do, but be aware, it is very possible your friend could be charged with a crime if you do this.

  2. dm_dragons Says:

    I’d suggest your not mention that you were aware of the PURPOSE you gave the card for his use in the first place. “He needed $20 and that is what I authorized” is all you need to offer.

    It would be bad if you knew you were funding a possible illegal activity like online betting.

    Make your friend get online and show you his account status…I’ll bet he suddendly remembers where the $370 came from! And then beat the snot out of him. In other words, resolve this amoung yourselves first.

    If that gets you know where, then file a report and act shocked he used it for an illegal activity!

  3. ERNIE Says:

    Close your credit card account and get a new one. It costs nothing to do that (if the company tries to charge, tell them you’re taking your business elsewhere).

    You have learned a big lesson; luckily it was only $300.

    Never give anyone your card, password or money unless you’re prepared to never see your money again, and don’t mind ruining your friendship.

  4. jerry_skoal Says:

    yes u should or it might happen again then u will have nothing.

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