Q&A: Oceans Eleven?

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Question by imwatch420: Oceans Eleven?
I just finished watching Oceans Eleven on TV

anyone know who the “teen stars” are at the table where Brad Pitt is teaching them how to play online poker real moneys? A couple of them looked like I should know them but I couldnt figure out who they are.

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Answer by cutie pie

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  1. Hex Says:

    Topher Grace (That 70′s Show), Hollie Marie Combs (Charmed), Shane West (Once and Again, A Walk To Remember), Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek).

  2. dukalink6000 Says:

    The scene where Brad Pitt teaches Joshua Jackson and Topher Grace to play poker is spoofed in the Taco Bell commercials “Rules of The Table” and “King of Clubs”. The commercials were meant to be so accurate that the very same card table used in the film was tracked down and rented for them.

  3. Cindy Lou Who Says:

    Topher Grace – Foreman from That 70′s show
    Joshua Jackson
    Holly Marie Combs – Charmed
    Barry Watson – Matt from 7th Heaven and also Brian in What about Brian?
    and Shane West.

  4. Guinea Says:

    I know one is Joshua Jackson, not sure about the other two sorry. HTH : )

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