Q&A: I have a poker showdown question for experienced players.?

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Question by fmolinapi: I have a poker showdown question for experienced players.?
I was playing a poker “cash” game-Player A bet to the river and Playert B called. Player B asked to see Player A cards and Player A threw a ten of spades on the table holding on to his other card in disgust because he thought he was beat.
Player B showed (both his cards) two pair and starting collecting the pot when Player A decided to throw his other card on the table and another player noticed he had a straight. Who wins the pot? Also, there was no dealer-dealer button deals their own cards.

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Answer by been there done that
The straight wins. As long as player A threw his 2nd card on the table and didn’t throw his cards into the discard pile (muck) they are still live.

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  1. LegFuJohnson Says:

    Player A wins the pot, but he can be accused of being a jerk by “slow rolling”

    When player B calls, player A should show both his cards at that time, but if he didn’t muck his cards, he’s still in the hand.

  2. geno619 Says:

    As long as the cards of Player A never hit the muck (which is the pile of burned cards and remaining cards in the deck), then the hand is “live” and Player A wins the pot. This means that even if he throws both cards face down on the table, then Player B reveals his 2-Pair, then another player turns Player A’s cards over, Player A wins with his Straight. The “muck” is the key factor here because even if both cards are thrown on the table face-up, but one of them slides over and just barely touches the muck, the hand is officially DEAD and Player B wins.

  3. Drifter Says:

    The player with the straight wins because it hadn’t hit the muck. Also known as ‘slow rolling’

  4. the_sir_z Says:

    Player A wins, but would be kicked off of my table for showing only one card in the first place. If you make the bet, you have to show your hand, those are the rules period.

  5. ibill909 Says:

    Straight wins

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