Professional Female Poker Players. What's Luring the Ladies?

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Female Poker Players

Female poker players have been a minority until recently, because poker was considered to be a male conquered sport for a long time. However, the percentage of players who are women has risen quite a lot nowadays.  There are a number of very gifted women in poker who not only cling to their own but are up there encountering it out and taking first places.

[caption id="attachment_861" align="aligncenter" width="404" caption="Female Poker Players"]Female Poker Players[/caption]

Today, online poker is fast becoming a female dominated area. No longer is it a man’s sport.  The number of female poker players is growing vastly. Statistics show that out of every 5 new sign ups, one or two of them are female poker players. The typical profile of a female sign up is a woman between the ages of 24 and 26, who shops online, has a business career, and is street savvy.

Female Poker Players Stats

  • At a table of 10 players, typically one or two are female poker players.
  • In any poker tournament, it is estimated that 6% to 10% of entrants are female poker players, and a few of them have done very well in recent years.

What’s luring the ladies?

Televised poker games give female poker players such as Annie Duke, a mother who has made millions at the game, plenty of attention – thus generating female role models. Online poker sites mean women can learn the game and hone their skills before playing publicly. Many women, including Annie Duke, Shannon Elizabeth, Kathy Liebert, Sabyl Cohen, and Cyndy Violette, have won huge sum of money at the poker tournaments.

Stereotypes about Female Poker Players

Here are some common negative stereotypes about female poker players. Many men assume female poker players are:

  • not savvy about betting, bluffing, reading tells, slow playing, calculating odds, etc.
  • unskilled and unknowledgeable about the game
  • not capable of aggressive play, setting traps, or bullying
  • no interested in winning money, but just out for a good time
  • just playing to keep a boyfriend or husband company

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