Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

April 19, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video don’t be an idiot with your comments…duh, I’m gay…and yes, my shirt is blue…care to be any more obvious?
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HELP ME OUT GUYS!!! My band This Is Not A Game Of Who The Fuck Are You has entered a competition to come to america and play at warped tour!! :D It’s based on votes and how many votes you get, so with your help, we MIGHT just be able to come to america and play for you guys and do all sorts of awesome shit!! So here’s what you do: Enter this webpage: In the search bar, search for “This is not a game” and you’ll find us there! Log in or create a fan account and vote for us!! You can vote once (per email and account) PER DAY!!!! So PLEEEEAAAAASE help us out, we would love more than anything in the world to be able to play and meet you guys!! :’D …Britney Spears’ “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”. Oh yes, you read it completely correctly xD no joke, no homo, no shit, no bull! Kinda special this video isn’t it?! xD Not exactly the type of video that I usually make, but hey, nothing wrong with mixing it up a little once in a while ;) Hope you like it :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson”

  1. errifficyul778 Says:

    HAHA!!!!!!!!!!! WE <3 YOU

  2. errifficyul778 Says:

    HAHA!!!!!!!!!!! WE <3 YOU

  3. errifficyul778 Says:


  4. RebeccaCuster Says:

    OMG YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. Too bad your guy. Love ya! ;)

  5. punkyxxspunky Says:

    Your cute

  6. MsFlynnster Says:

    Haha! This made my day :D

  7. jelynn0323 Says:

    lol i love it!

  8. crazymexcian1 Says:

    i want a gay friend :(

  9. crazymexcian1 Says:

    too bad your cute but gay and alot of girls would date u <3

  10. meggiemashlow Says:

    ur just so cute idc if u r gay u r sooo soo cute and i think people waste their time telling bullshit to u hehe awwn love yuh !!! lol

  11. xXElena1648Xx Says:

    i love you!!! <3 why do you have to be gay :(

  12. justindrewbieber1120 Says:

    OMFG…..If you are in love with this vid and think it is amazing give it a thumbs up!! =)

  13. 77jamlove Says:

    you are so wird

  14. lalabri887 Says:


  15. regansky Says:

    ur a GAY itiod lesbiean bitch what the fuck

  16. regansky Says:

    ur a GAY itiod lesbiean

  17. MultiSandramusic Says:

    your awesome!!! GREAT VIDEO

  18. yelitza1020 Says:

    i’m gay so what

  19. corgiluvagirl1 Says:

    why you have to be gay

  20. agblueeyesxo Says:

    cant you be bisexual ?

  21. TheMrChocolatepuppy Says:

    you are sexy. and that is what i have to say.

  22. babynatalie2016 Says:

    *dresses up as a gay guy* soooooo wanna go out ;) lol

  23. BiebersPicture Says:

    @sexychick444444 yes he is gay actually :) read the description, and he has videos stating that he is. x

  24. xxstupidcookiexx Says:

    this is amazing!!!!

  25. CrazayChickay59 Says:

    You Are Adorable xD

  26. shermanator9000 Says:

    true that guitarman410

  27. guitarman410 Says:

    Real musicians like all genres no matter what and this guy is definitely a real musician

  28. Ears045 Says:

    Teach me how to tune a snare drum?

  29. HFXMedia Says:

    your a beast , your snare sounds amazing too.

  30. drumcircus25 Says:

    Heu awesome job!!! Man

  31. mattphillips1993 Says:

    You know, I’m a drummer myself and have been trying to plan what songs I would like to cover and you, so far have been my biggest youtubing drum cover inspiration and I’m glad to see that there are musicians who cover stuff out of the normal just because they enjoy it regardless of the artist/genre of the song. Good on ya, keep it up!

  32. lordi13nl Says:

    @guitarman2688 not only in youtube but in the world dude

  33. kaneBHD Says:

    leave him alone u guys, he’s just t rying to find the woman in himself lol, no but seriously, it takes a great drummer to take a shitty gay song and make a great cover with it…and in some other song u made, u were wearing a tank top and had pig tails, …if ur not gay, ur the most secure person i’ve ever seen, thumbs up if u agree

  34. tattoounit Says:

    you are gay or not, and this is not a game of if you’re gay or no lol

  35. i192 Says:

    one question:how do u hear about this song anyway?????


    beautiful just beautiful,brang a tear to my eye,im just so proud of you,you finally did the cover,loved it,britney will to lol

  37. Akanb1 Says:

    Amazing! Your super funny too! :)

  38. Tombkingretr0 Says:

    Everyone has a guilty pleasure
    I’ve never met a metalhead who solely likes metal (yes, I’ve been to enough gigs to know) :P

  39. maxisslipknot Says:

    somone tell me who linus von der burg is?? thanx

  40. MrHugo465 Says:

    1:49 – 2:10

  41. lordi13nl Says:

    @guitarman2688 not only youtube but in the world
    i think he’s better than joey jordison
    and i think joey is 1 of the best drummers

  42. 4blackout Says:

    this is hilarious. David is one of the biggest metal heads on youtube and this just makes me crack up after watching his slipknot covers.

  43. avengedsoul6661 Says:

    its ok to do drum covers of pop song. if you search for sonny tremblay on youtube, he does an insane cover of that faggy biebers song

  44. WoWbankaissj9999crit Says:

    @Arkain9 lol the April fools event belongs to the bonyards drum cover, hence being uploaded on April 1st :P

  45. WarPigs192837465 Says:

    Do anything by burzum, I will love you forever and always. Finntroll or Ensiferum are also acceptable.

  46. Machinehead645 Says:

    Im not a girl not yet a woman too

  47. Arkain9 Says:

    April Fools! :D Right?

  48. feuerfrei71 Says:

    genuis. pure genius.

  49. MrHugo465 Says:

    you made this song good

  50. koolBOY8323 Says:

    i love you man! no homo… ROFLMAO…

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