Poz and InfeKt – One Night Stand

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Poz and InfeKt’s music video for One Night Stand from their forthcoming Single/EP release! Stay updated on Poz and InfeKt at Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, ReverbNation, Funnyordie.com and Tumblr!!! Please subscribe and leave comments!! Huge thanks to everyone involved including Missconstrued Boutique, Deviltry Dolls and Mellinger Photography! Look for them on Facebook and Twitter! Directed by: DJ Foley Assistant Director: Sara Foglia Production Assistant/Fog Juice Runner: Greg Barnes Audio Mix: Kelly “Carnage” Cairns

eah is shocked to discover that Peter is having an affair. Lucas and Ric challenge the girls to a game of strip live strip poker.
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10 Responses to “Poz and InfeKt – One Night Stand”

  1. codymx3 Says:

    Note to anyone listening…..this sounds way better while wearing a diaper while covered in italian salad dressing. What?

  2. punkxantiflagx Says:

    hell yeah!

  3. kmellphotos Says:

    Note to anyone listening/watching: The MUSIC sounds WAY better at HD level. 720 or 1080. Give it a listen. Record out SOOOOON! :)

  4. h20chicknaz Says:

    Damn Miss Girls representing….love the video. I think its great. The 2 singers arent that bad either ;) keep it up….and Im down to be in a video some day. I think that would be pretty cool.

  5. homeandawaylover100 Says:

    @XxShannenDohertyxX I agree with everything you said!!! It was funny the way Belle was yapping away teasing the boys with Matilda sitting beside her silent with fear and uncomfortable feelings about the game… Lol

  6. OhMyChocolateBar Says:

    I love Belle in this! :D

  7. dreamers1994 Says:

    She doesnt look that uncomfortable when they start the last round though xD

    Man I love this episode, can’t stop laughing xD

  8. XxShannenDohertyxX Says:

    Matilda Looks so uncomfortable. Love Ric and Belle’s relationship so funny. Adelle 4 ever
    R.I.P Belle best chracter ever.

  9. tvvideos365 Says:

    ric and ryans gf’s marissa and matilda both had to go to therapy because of drug and eating problems and belle and summer were both acting like they were dirty when actually they were both cute virgins. its crazy how much this cast reminds me of the oc ric is so ryan atwood they are exactly the same

  10. tvvideos365 Says:

    home and away and the oc are the greatest and there so alike
    amanda = julie
    both fucked up with their daughters who both get killed
    both had affairs with their daughters exes
    both went with old man for money
    julie was married to jimmy who had money problems
    amanda was married to dan who also had money problems with his gambling
    ric is like ryan atwood comes for a rough background with his dad beating him up gets adopted by sally and flynn the new kirsten and sandy and ric ends great….

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