Pokerstars Currency ? Getting More Popular Each Day

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Pokerstars Currency ? Getting More Popular Each Day

Pokerstars operates from the Caribbean’s; it’s no secrets that its owner is a persona non grata in the US. However, more and more people use the software currency which can be transfer from one person to another (or from one person’s alias to the other in some cases). Pokerstars’ system can be used for money laundry – and the large security department is keeping a close watch on each money transfer.
Interestingly enough, Pokerstars, which does not accept US players is getting more and more popular, and its currency is getting as popular. People who don’t even play online poker real moneys have their accounts there, because this system is proven as more reliable than other methods like paypal and money-wire. From my wide range of experience, the PokerStars system never fails.
If you plan on transferring a monthly amount of money, it’s preferable that you don’t use it, because the security department wouldn’t want use to use their system to pay your bills, it should be a good function for people who can’t deposit themselves, and not, like being said before, a laundry of money. Other than most poker rooms (expect for fulltilt), this is a unique function that pokerstars offer. If you have won a large sum of money playing online, you can withdraw the money by transferring it toa nother person, which is far more comfortable than sending it over to your account, which can last forever.
Many players can’t deposit there, so the market is flooded with both players who wish to transfer their extra cash, and players who emptied their account and are in need of money. I have even heard of cases, where one has took extra percentages over the transferred sum (for example 105$ for 100$ worth of pokerstars money). Yeah, the demand is THAT high.

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