PokerFace – John Silver

November 14, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

my po po live strip pokerFace my po po live strip pokerFace xD That’s A Joke Haha just to make it funny…i like funny videos! iT’s talking about the 2 side of Jonh Silver…lol thats weird cause its supose to be a girl as Ladygaga but whatever xD And there..Jim try to find his secret xD HAVE FUN EVERYBODY!! I DONT MADE TREASURE PLANET MOVIE AND THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO!! (LADY GAGA)
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25 Responses to “PokerFace – John Silver”

  1. WEAPONX7654 Says:

    now every time i watch treasure planet this song geys stuck in my head and lady gaga is ok but i still think justin beiber sucks but lady gaga is ok

  2. Torluigi Says:

    Love this <3

  3. PureEbil1 Says:

    Great job! I think the song is perfect for John Silver, Jim couldn’t read his poker face through the entire movie :P

  4. 14ekeer Says:

    1:13-1:16 is just fits :-D

  5. midnightwolf333 Says:

    I don’t know how I instantly loved this but jesus this is amazing. It like fits with the personality of Silver so well. You rock end of story.

  6. Flamefur31 Says:

    it’s weird becuase this actually works

  7. Amritalights Says:

    Taha, really funny video. Great job. :)

  8. InuTani Says:

    Это прекрасно!!))

  9. whitefirefight Says:

    This made my year. <3
    you are wonderful!

  10. slipknotress666 Says:

    haha gets me laughing every time i watch it nice job

  11. 94xSuperAngel Says:

    This is EPIC! What program did you use?

  12. LeAnaOrKankura Says:

    Ы-ы-ы-ы-ы!!! :D
    That’s so fun and nice! XD

  13. banannonne Says:

    Hahaha, you have no idea how much this made me laugh. :D I love the editing, the song and video are syncronized really good! And the story behind it is so funny! ;D this vid really brightens my mood xD thumbs up, 5 stars and a huge fave! :D -goes to check out your other videos-

  14. nebulagirl11 Says:

    LOL :)

  15. ByGiuly Says:

    i love this you video really ^^

  16. KaitoRatigan Says:

    You have no idea how much I love this. Epic win, my friend. EPIC WIN.

  17. JangGeumFan Says:

    love this vid… and the song! :D

  18. eva0mwah Says:

    Making something funny out of a,somehow,dramatic movie,is its a gift!!

  19. grosbeb Says:

    haha ^^ thank u ♥

  20. cicatrice Says:

    Haha this is awesome. Now everytime I hear this song I am going to think of Silver xD Great job!

  21. cymbalplayer56 Says:

    Very nice!

  22. tylercisthe14me Says:

    love it

  23. Natsuhiboshui Says:

    hahahah xD Jim is like wtf throught out most of the vid xD Great job! weird, but funny xD

  24. cinemawhirlpool Says:

    That was really fun and well done.

  25. grosbeb Says:

    hahaa i wanted make strange style for the video xD and thanks!

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