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A beginner learning the game of poker will usually make mistakes as to the assumptions made during the game. This is so since the player is not yet so well-versed with how the game goes. That is why it is important for a beginner to learn a poker strategy that will make him play like a professional poker player.

There is one poker strategy that a beginner must learn by heart and that is by thinking like a poker player. Poker players are often categorized as tight or aggressive, those which play fewer hands but utilizes their instincts to win the game. This definition can be very confusing for the beginner which is why it is vital to understand that poker is not just a game of chance. A good part of the game deals with four fundamental factors which are important to take into consideration so that the chances of winning are increased.

First factor to consider in this basic poker strategy concept is to know the general percentages of any type of odds you have to face during the progress of the game. It is important to memorize these odds so that it won’t take you long to make a decision when your turn comes. These odds can include the percentage of completing a flush draw at the flop or the percentage of hitting. There are other general percentages that you can take note of but it will be a good idea if you focus on the most crucial ones.

Discipline is another factor in this winning poker strategy. What distinguishes a solid poker player from the rest of the bunch is that he will not let his decisions succumb to luck alone. He desires to win in the game by playing his hands intelligently. Whether the player is a disciplined limit player or a no-limit one, a winning one will always know when to hold his cards or fold them. But this does not mean experienced poker players do not make mistakes, in fact they do yet they learn from them.

Because poker involves sitting down with other people who are also thinking of their own poker strategy when playing their hand, it is but right to put the psychological aspect of the game into the picture. When playing poker, beginners tend to think only of themselves and the odds of them winning that they often forget that there are other players who are in the same situation as they are. Thus, it is would be very wise as poker player to anticipate what cards his opponents might have and what are their anticipation of his cards, etc. This way, the player will be able to manipulate his calls with some psychological tactics.

Lastly, a great poker strategy should include risk and reward management. Winning in succession can easily trap a beginner to bet out of control. In the long run, this will not prove to be a very good habit because, in one way or another, recklessness will always catch up. A good poker player will always strive to achieve balance between risk and reward during the game.

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