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The rules of playing online Poker Stars are not that hard to understand. You just need to be aware of the basic rules on how to play the game. You should also be aware of the techniques which you can use to be able to know which card you will be setting down. The most important thing you need to know is that cheating in Poker Stars game sometimes happen.

Cheating will always be part of every game where money is involved, just like in Poker Stars game. There are different game cheats that have been used by poker players. Although the usage of game cheats on Poker Stars seldom happen, it is something that you have to worry about. The Poker Stars game cheats that I am about to reveal can really help you in winning the game. These Poker Stars game cheats programs have been used by big winners in the game online. It’s up to you if you will believe them or not.

There is Poker Stars game cheats’ software that is available online. In fact, there are many of them. The software will tell you the cards your opponent is holding and so you have bigger chance of winning the game. Knowing the card of your opponent can give you an idea of what to do next. You will know if you need to bet more money or you will know when to fold your cards. The Poker Stars game cheats’ software can definitely help you with that and you are guaranteed to win the game.

Some of online cheating software can provide you different techniques of cheating in Poker Stars game. The software can tell you on how to play poker in the right way. It can also give you instant suggestion and advice on your next move. The cheating software will automatically calculate the pot and hand odds. It can show you statistics that the software analyzes and watch your opponent and the main cheating technique that the software provides is to be able to know and learn the types of pocket cards your opponents are playing.

You should also know that there are four ranks of Poker Stars game cheats. First is the basic rank of cheating, the minor cheating. The concept of minor cheating is to ask your buddies to play with you in a poker game. Then, you and your friends will share all the necessary information through chatting or through phone.

The second is idiot cheating. The reason why it is called idiot cheating is because it is very obvious. In this rank of cheating, player who has already timed out is still able to bet.

Inept collusion is done wherein player will team up and plot that the other players know that they are involved in cheating.

The last rank of Poker Stars game cheats is the expert collusion. In the expert collusion, the cheating expert poker player will plot a convincing way of cheating that even the moderators of the game won’t notice it. An example is a player will create two different accounts and then he will bring the two accounts under the same game. 

It is very easy to cheat online poker, just try to avoid being caught. Do not do the idiot cheating, instead use the software that are allowed by Poker Stars. There are several of those and you can find them online.

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