Poker Stars Cheating – is it Possible to Really Cheat?

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It takes skill and adequate knowledge to win Poker Stars. Luck also has a big involvement in winning the game. The combination of these three characteristics makes a person go home with big money. Then you start to think if this person has been cheating in the whole game. Maybe, that person is not cheating, but most of the time the winners do cheat. No matter what the moderators and the creators do to stop these cheat sites or cheat programs, there are still many cheating techniques that cannot be detected online. Here are some examples of Poker Stars cheating techniques that players do.

First is using a card scanner. There are soft wares that you can find in the internet or even in the market that can read all the cards in the game. It can also calculate your chance of winning and it can also play the game on your behalf. You can use the software to do the techniques and the strategies while you are sleeping silently on your bed. Then the next morning when you wake up, you will find out that you have already won the game of Poker Stars and have gained all the money.

The next Poker Stars cheating technique is by hacking the software of the poker. This takes a genius to be able to hack the system. Is it really possible? The answer is yes. The networks of online poker games are depending on communication with the software the online players are using in order to communicate, it is possible to hack and intercept the information. For example, you are currently in a crucial Poker Stars game and you want to know what cards your opponent is holding, by hacking the system, you will be able to find out the information that you need.

In addition to the Poker Stars cheating techniques is colluding with other players. This is actually the most widely used cheating technique in Poker Stars. The concept is quite easy to understand. Invite all your friends to join a Poker Stars match. You and your friends will fill out all the seats and all of you will agree to inform each other what cards you have. You can either play at the same house, at the office, and you can also use any instant messenger and the phone to provide the necessary information. There is no way Poker Stars moderators will know that all of you are friends. The key of winning in this technique is team work.

The last technique is abusing disconnect protect or the DP function. The DP feature in Poker Stars is used to take care of all your money in hand if ever your internet connection will be interrupted or disconnected. Basically, the DP will continue the game for you while you are disconnected from the internet. It will go to showdown and will not call or raise any remaining bets then all your bets will go to the side pot. This can easily be done by intentionally turning off your internet connection or by pulling the plug that connects you to the internet.

All of these Poker Stars technique have been used by poker players. These cheating techniques gained them lots of money. Much more than what they expected to have. It’s up to you if you want to follow these techniques and start winning.

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