Avoid These Common Poker Rakeback Mistakes

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What’s Poker Rakeback?

Poker rakeback is a great thing as it allows players to earn back about 30% of the money that they pay in rake when they play online poker games. Online poker sites make their money by charging a small rake out every pot. By having rakeback deals at your favorite poker sites, you can get a percentage of that money returned to your account because poker rakeback gives you money back each month.  Any player is able to sign up for a rakeback deal at a top poker rooms and start receiving rakeback.

Some online poker rooms prefer to not offer rakeback deals, and stick with offering player points or VIP loyalty programs instead. Poker rooms actually give away more money to players through rakeback deals than they do through player points or loyalty programs, so they are able to save more money by not offering rakeback to players.

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Poker Rakeback Mistakes

Do not make these all common poker rakeback mistakes when it comes to earning money through rake rebates.

Mistake #1: Playing at too many tables just to get more hands in.
It is not odd to players that play more than 5-10 tables at once. And the reasoning behind this is simple. If you earn $2.00 an hour in rakeback on one table, you would obviously average out $4.00 in rakeback an hour on 2 tables.

However, it can be extremely difficult to pay attention to several things at once. Remember, whenever you play online poker real money, your primary aim is to win as much money as possible from the other players at the table. You don’t play online poker games to add to your rakeback pot.

Mistake #2: Playing too many hands in an attempt to build poker rakeback.
Do not force yourself to play online poker games more hours in a day or longer sessions than you can handle just to increase those rakeback figures. It’s never worth building your rakeback pot if you’re running the risk of losing a lot more through bad play, so don’t put yourself in that position.

Players could make more money if they avoid these common mistakes.

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