Poker Player – What A Good Player Knows

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Poker Player – What A Good Player Knows

If you want to be a good player at the real money poker, you cannot just go into it blindly and take your chances – that is how you end up losing.  You have to have a strategy and also know something about the odds when you are a poker player.


You should also be able to read any signs that the opposition is giving you.  You have to try to weigh you hand against what they may have in their hands.  This takes a certain skill that a good poker player knows. 


You can play online real money pokers in a number of different places, including online.  Many of those who start to play the game online think that they can just bluff their way through or do not have any sort of inclination as to what it takes to be a good player.  They are the ones who end up losing their money at the game. 


Unlike other games of chance that you find at the casino, poker is a game of skill.  You have to understand that before you even begin playing the game.  You should know, in your head, the sequence of winning hands.  Not understanding what beats what will cause you to lose your edge in a real money poker.


You have to understand the concept of bluffing.  Bluffing is when you pretend to have a good hand when you do not.  The objective is to get others to drop and take the pot.  You continue to keep raising, just as if you had a good hand in an effort to see others drop out of the game.  This perfectly acceptable in a real money poker.  There are times to bluff and times to play it straight.  If you see that other players are unsure of themselves when it comes to betting and are calling most of the bets instead of raising, you can often get them out of the game if you try to bluff.  You should be aware that another player may also be bluffing as well.  You should not go out of a real money poker if you have a good hand, such as anything higher than three of a kind, unless you honestly feel that the other person may have a better hand to beat you. 


A good hand in poker depends upon the game you are playing.  Good hands are usually considered to be three of a kind or better, although if you are playing a game like Texas Holdem, where the five community cards are revealed, and there is a pair on the table, three of a kind will not be a good hand.  You should have a straight or better to stay in the game. 


You can be a good poker player with practice and with keen observation of another player in the game.  One of the easiest games to play is Texas Holdem because it gives you a better opportunity to consider the odds as well as what other players may have.  Watch how they bet, how they raise and if many of them fold.  By doing this, you can become a good poker player.

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