Poker Night (SasuNaru)

August 12, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Naruto and Sasuke are having there normal day of playing Strip Poker. This is our first time cosplaying so dont be harsh on us! We are just having some fun! so please enjoy!
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22 Responses to “Poker Night (SasuNaru)”

  1. PreciousTheWhiteWolf Says:

    i like you onderwear :D

  2. FashiChan Says:

    very funny!! XD great =)

  3. SugarafieD Says:

    south park all the way :)

  4. evil4410 Says:

    really it made me pee my pants
    and falled out of the chair to

  5. najmahpe11 Says:

    pwease make more vids? For me?

  6. najmahpe11 Says:

    Naruto: HA! Strait!
    Sasuke: WHAT?! I thought you were gay!
    Naruto: N-no I am!
    Sasuke: You’ve been screwing that pink haired bitch, haven’t you?!
    ROFL!!! LOL! I loved that part, made me fall out of my chair!

  7. amberthecutiepie Says:

    love the song lol

  8. pokemonprincess3434 Says:

    … amazering!!

  9. missan3cute Says:


  10. BrunetteBarbiieDoll Says:


  11. TheAlly1789 Says:

    It’s so funny!!! Love it!!

  12. arctickitsu Says:

    Lol. Well that was entertaining.

  13. EmEtt93 Says:

    HAHAH!! Good shit! xD

  14. extreamgirl1 Says:


  15. Wildxicexdragon Says:


  16. xXMomokitiChanXx Says:

    LOVEEE ITTTT!!!! ♥

  17. oHEaveNsRainboW Says:

    Haha! I Loved It! You Guys Are Awesome!

  18. drishkgirl Says:

    “what ur straight????’” loved it:)

  19. HyperBlueKitten Says:

    Hahahaha~! Stri, Strip, Strip! He is so gay for Sasuke! ^~^

  20. Z3ro42 Says:


  21. mysuperdance1 Says:

    haha, kinda funny how they have to take their cloth of…

  22. hardyaoi12 Says:

    Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^ ^

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