Poker Master Class: la "Scare Card"

February 18, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Playing Poker with Danielle
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18 Responses to “Poker Master Class: la "Scare Card"”

  1. zHqqrdz Says:

    Un choc a pic putin celle là fallait la trouver quoi

  2. k1k13004 Says:

    loooooooooooooool choc a pic

  3. vinuz Says:

    Trop fort !

  4. djflex68 Says:

    mdr ! K10 une belle main pour limper XD

  5. Tonyo1987 Says:

    un croupier drawing-dead sur la turn” lol xD

  6. onetimeplz Says:

    lol chocapicaments

  7. ZeToOm Says:

    Excellentissime !!!

  8. roroelbatal Says:

    “il est a la bulle de son existence” LOL

  9. strken Says:

    Je me suis cassé 15 cotes !

  10. AllJyn Says:

    LooooooooL !! Je chek pour info ! Et l’over-chek tu connais ? XD

  11. Bebert319 Says:

    Je suis fan !!!


  12. MrMoony1235 Says:

    @jedi5 lol that’s why I took out the word “strip”

  13. jedi5 Says:

    @MrMoony1235 lol,there is no stripping going on AT ALL

  14. MrMoony1235 Says:

    @jedi5 Thanks, needed more hate here.. >8(

  15. jedi5 Says:

    what a misleading title

  16. MrMoony1235 Says:

    @MrJonny128 No, I’m not a retard just acting like one lol, and I’m just playing to have fun, I’m not trying to grow into a professional. I also just taught her to play recently, just kinda making it easier for her. and trust me, we both hate our accents 2, 8( were from NC, and a very redneck town in NC. We grew up with it, I actually favor the big city, where are you from? and while it was rude and unnecessary your comment is still welcome..

  17. MrJonny128 Says:

    fuckin wierdos
    redneck fkin hicks
    i would rape the sht out of u at the table and in bed
    teach u alittle more about poker
    and ur boyfriend is a retard i think?

  18. scotplay Says:

    I see a flaw in your description of this as “strip” poker….

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