Poker – Insane first hand!

August 27, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

► ◄ Sam Farha playing an insane first hand against Oliver Hudson where he doubles his chipcount. Please watch it, it’s an insane first hand

This is a video that everyone who plays online poker should watch.

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50 Responses to “Poker – Insane first hand!”

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  4. smack9923 Says:

    The first hand of the main event series is the only wy you could ever consider laying the 10′s full down

  5. Hizilk Says:


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  6. froschn1968 Says:

    sammy is the best…..i like his playing…..great bluffs……wonderfull lay downs….
    sam for president

  7. EaglemanX3Gorilla Says:

    @tantanol I wish that would happen to phil hellmuth.

  8. VicenzoV Says:

    If you re-raise from 1300 to 10,000 you deserve to be punished.

  9. nickg773 Says:

    sam just straight up owned

  10. XtRedChaos Says:

    walk of shame back to the car…… LOL

  11. SLOBS65 Says:

    Is this the 2005 main event?reply or PM

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  13. PokerInstructie Says:

    Goed gespeeld, ik had toch iets meer ingezet hoor (A)
    Nice play, altough I would have betted a little more (A)

  14. PokerInstructie Says:

    Goed gespeeld, ik had toch iets meer ingezet hoor (A)
    Nice play, altough I would have betted a little more (A)

  15. ThePokermoney Says:


  16. boboyt5 Says:

    @ThePokermoney shut up man he flopped the nuts get over it

  17. b0ilhawk Says:

    i love the speed of his call and the nonchalant way he turns them over immediately.

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  20. aversepk Says:

    I love your video

  21. JagaTDK Says:

    @Whiteneca Depends on who has the flush…

  22. Jackmoxx Says:

    @version191 lol look at this guy…he juist lost his paycheck from bestbuy at pokerstars and now he hates poker LOL.

  23. ThePokermoney Says:

    @djkocisi actually pal the nuts would have been AA having quads on the flop

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  26. KermitTheNig Says:

    That’s unreal

  27. Uratnik Says:

    @ThePhantom2K9 Obviously they can’t do it in Vegas. They have no control over the cards there. They can only do it here because it’s the players that shuffle and deal out the cards.

  28. badcatmcconell1324 Says:

    100 grand over your career,you must be broke if thats all they have made and do this for a living. Real pros are throwing a 100 grand around in one hand in high stakes cash games.

  29. kombueffloresce Says:

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  30. aversepk Says:

    I love your video

  31. ThePhantom2K9 Says:

    I’d like to see them try that at Vegas. You’d be dead 10× before you take your last breath.

  32. fathead5807 Says:


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  39. jackson123123123 Says:

    Haha. Nicely done.

  40. starvingSmart80 Says:

    nice vid men!

  41. AllieGirlify Says:

    the dealer is epic. he can deal watever hand he says.

  42. WatchingQQ Says:

    every comment i read on this video is stupid …. play more talk less your a idiot

  43. Bananaandapples2008 Says:

    @championpokerguy Thanks for stating the obvious clown.

  44. pokertia Says:

    welcome to …

  45. cvmkyle Says:

    whats the fun of that

  46. bastrop78418 Says:

    The commentary stated by the guys towards the end is the kind of tone Americans would find offending. Down south everyone is so damn sensitive, people are so quick to fight because dialogue provoked a feeling and no one does that to them! Now take an ass whoopin!

  47. headboardbca Says:

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  48. ableite Says:

    pointless… There are too many variables involved. And I think its natural to pay more attention when you are playing with people you dont know.

  49. LarryTheSwanson Says:

    lol this is so stupid…so all you need to do to cold deck players out of one hand is to…buy a bunch of matching decks you’re 100% sure theyre going to use in the game. THEN you have to be 100% sure you and your fellow cheat are sitting next to eachother so you’re cutting eachothers cards. then you have to have a lady whos in on it come serve you drinks? cmon this shit is unrealistic

  50. lupin2447 Says:

    Good show. Check out my channel!

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