Poker Hand Nicknames – Most Popular and a Few Less Known

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Poker hand nicknames for many of the various Texas Hold’em poker starting hands – most popular and a few less known. What if you hear, “Ivey is holding marriage”; would you know that he has a K-Q in his hand?

Most people wouldn’t. That is why we have created a list of the most popular and a few less known poker hand nicknames.

AA – Pocket Rockets, Bullets, American Airlines
KK – Cowboys, King Kong
QQ – Double date, Canadian Aces, Siegfried and Roy, Ladies
JJ – Fish hooks
99 – Wayne Gretzky
88 – Snowmen
77 – Sunset strip
66 – Route 66
55 – Speed limit
44 – Magnum, Sail boat
33 – Crabs
22 – Ducks
AK – Big slick
AQ – Big chick
AJ – Black Jack, Jack-ass, A-jax
KQ – Royalty, Marriage
KJ – Kojak
J5 – Jackson five
Q3 – Gay waiter
95 – Dolly Parton
A8 – Dead man’s hand (Wild Bill Hickok was shot in 1876 after winning with it!)
K9 – Canine
J4 – Flat tyre
93 – The Sik. (A legendary hand made famous by the members of the forum)

Send us your Poker Hand Nicknames and we will add them here. There are several common names for poker hands and some hands that have more than one nickname. This list has all the poker hand nicknames that we could find.

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