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bikini play online poker girls in vegas and chicago. stephanie sadorra, tiana jade, kandis harris, mary jane, cynthia furgeson, sara, kellie saxton kicking ass at the wpt finals in Chigago and the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

*PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY* My tribute to the fulfilling girls of Avatar. Program Used:Sony Vegas 7.0 Song Used:Poker Face by Lady GaGa Song Edited?:No.It’s the full version.=) Completion Time:15 – 20 hours *PLEASE SUBSCRIBE RATE AND COMMENT* Disclaimer:I do not own anything.Not Avatar nor the song.

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  1. ilovepiestoomuch Says:

    hey pretty lady want to play strip poker ? i’ll give you a headstart

  2. Bachmuth3667 Says:

    *Gulp* !!! hey is that you ?

    I remember talking to her on chat..

    She is on @ DateHerSafe[,]com/profile?=8107

  3. TheBubblegumRain Says:

    hey, take me with you to the sin city, will play cards together ;)

  4. cirrusflier5 Says:

    Awesome. Mary Jane and Tiana told me about this series – how did you get the clip? Rich

  5. fonkyjunkie Says:

    u’re definitly the cutest

  6. alfa2501 Says:

    Stephanie sometimes look like this chick from Knight Rider 2008 Sarah Graiman ( Deanna Russo ).

  7. alfa2501 Says:

    yeah I totaly agree with you, good luck Stephanie.

  8. alfa2501 Says:

    And you are an asshole

  9. marscrumbs Says:

    That what I call a full house!

  10. Germicide Says:

    Nice Video lolz, my names Megan, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Megan-lvxaiikgst chat soon ;)

  11. zcristian11 Says:

    i think your doing a great job right now , leaving the xxx videos , cause your very cute :) so, good luck!

  12. iiixetts Says:

    ohhhh.. Stephanie S. i love u, you do a most sexy, hot, and beatiful from ever… Que hermosisima chica…

  13. pilotxkf7 Says:

    i want the girl third from the left @ the 5 min mark lol

  14. pilotxkf7 Says:

    brunettes > blondes

  15. alwin2001 Says:

    Is this for television? What station is aired on?

  16. MacZimeister Says:

    Her voice is just as beautiful as her appearance…! <3

  17. darkseid13 Says:

    Cute video.

  18. W0412765 Says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!! A really terrific video. The effects are amazing, and you really captured the essence of Avatar.

  19. douliketacos241 Says:

    mai wins hands down

  20. Icedragon8674 Says:

    i love the when the video match the beats :D (but makes me a bit dizzy X.o)
    even i don’t really like this song ,your video is interesting :D

  21. burritocandynugget Says:

    awesome!!!! what program did u use????

  22. freinds404 Says:

    ooooo NICE i like itt

  23. NoammieGirl Says:

    awsome job with effects!!!

  24. hsmhsmhsm4 Says:

    The music and the video is not match…

  25. apprehensiveinsigni Says:

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  26. yoruichisan19 Says:

    I hate Gaga, but this video pretty good!

  27. LunarX Says:

    You got some serious potential. A music video isn’t all about the effects, though. Make sure you put in clips that fit the right mood in all the right places. Not just a picture rotating around for a few beats.

  28. kwiekje Says:

    tai lee is hot

  29. kickbuttkim23 Says:

    so that video was an epic WIN, good job =D

  30. beardgcqc Says:

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  31. Zuzuluvr101 Says:

    OMG! Im so JELLO of Azula’s evil smile..I wish I could do that!!!! UGH!!!!! xD

  32. sakura9400 Says:

    That was seriously amazing!

  33. taffee23 Says:

    how in the world did u get clips that good? Or just get clips period????

  34. ravenquirk Says:

    Cool video!

  35. TophBeiFongEarth Says:

    toph is the best! she makes this video worth watching :D

  36. modernnitestar Says:


  37. froggymicwop Says:

    this could not be more perfect in every way pssible

  38. Katara233 Says:


  39. siennax Says:

    Love it!!! Awesome job!!!

  40. XxSangoXStrifexX Says:

    The clips and timing were good but i think what annoyed me was how you constantly had the clips zooming and and out or spinning around. it made it kinda hard to watch the fight scenes. just let the fights make up for the fast beat. next time just try to work in some other effects that wouldn’t take away from the clips so much. other then that i love it.

  41. iluvpie911 Says:

    Where do you find all of the video clips of Avatar??!!

  42. azulafan202 Says:


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