Poker for Charity

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My fourth Fiesta Mission is to organize a live strip poker game and give 50% of the pot to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. We raised 0 and Ford gave 0. Thanks to Ford to everyone for playing and donating! Prevent Cancer Foundation: Watch the trailer for Jake Jarvi’s (Fistacuffs McGee’s) web series that I happen to be in Also thanks to: Eliza (The Girl with a Gun) (also in web series) Matt Walker (The Winner) Stanislav Nagy (The Shady Russian) Brad Heck (The Drunk) Name TBA (Tomale Guy) (met him for the first time) My Ford Profile: Thanks for the winks:

Drake feat Trey Songz Drake – Fall For Your Type Ciara – Never Ever Ciara – Like A Boy Jason Derulo – In My Head Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say Lady Gaga – Alejandro Lady Gaga – Paparazzi Lady Gaga – Poker Face Ne Yo – I Was In Love Nicki Minaj – Envy Nicki Minaj – Girlfriend Nicki Minaj – Mind On My Money Nicki Minaj – Your Love Rhianna – Take A Bow Rihanna – Russian Roulette Rihanna – Te Amo Timbaland – JoJo – Losing Control Akon ft Sweet Rush – Troublemaker Beyonce – Control Bottoms Up – Trey Songz Feat Nicki Minaj Chris
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37 Responses to “Poker for Charity”

  1. datejanoheat Says:

    Hey its marcus!

  2. GumiYummi Says:

    Omg Jonas and Virgina!!!!!!!

  3. KaberianRoyalty Says:


  4. ArtemusRex Says:

    3/4ths of Platoon of Power Squadron at your poker game… nice.

  5. dotd53 Says:

    too bad you didn’t have the actual chicago tamale man who sells tamales at the bars

  6. k3vanoo Says:

    :( , no Ty, the ordinary guy!! :O

  7. MellovesKarieAnn Says:

    @Aquadeam Calm down, Whiny McGee. :)
    Just kidding.

  8. Kathrynhol Says:

    I think Jake Jarvi should permenently change his name to fisticuffs mcgee

  9. Mer1002 Says:

    “snuggle snuggle” I love you <3

  10. BratcherLev Says:

    What is the piano/sax jazz song during the gameplay montage?

  11. fermerwuvu Says:

    “snugle snugle”

  12. xandersbigdaddy Says:

    absolutely brilliant guys — thanks for your support of the Bad Beat on Cancer.

    Phil Gordon

  13. PippaPineapple Says:

    *snuggle snuggle* that cracked me up

  14. venomisinmyblood Says:

    “the girl” *waves* “with a gun” *serious face* :)

  15. elibaybeeh2k8 Says:

    nom nom nom nom :) i like it ^-^

  16. emmfan09 Says:

    hahahaha these were great characters.

  17. TheBorzoi Says:

    You asked for winks? Well you just had 40 in your car.

  18. funkduder Says:

    5 star for sleeping in cars…. how would half-an-apartment go to charity???

  19. moiramemede Says:


  20. RejandLauren Says:

    lool “nomnomnomnom” hehe ^^

  21. coldplayisawesome Says:

    *snuggle snuggle*

  22. coldplayisawesome Says:

    i love that episode!
    “Hey, how’s that anal fissure? Did it heal yet, or is it still draining?” XD

  23. nerdfightastic Says:

    Poker… I don’t even know her!

  24. rosesofsunshine3 Says:

    great video:)

  25. tubulance17 Says:

    did you get highlights in your beard?

  26. Maddeuh Says:

    @kayluh1996 I ain’t that stupid thanx, I was talkin about the title
    “new 2010 r&b single”… -__-

  27. Malskeeza Says:

    @estdec That’s because this was drake when he wasn’t influenced by Lil Wayne, I prefer this flow over the flow he has now, but he has brought out some mad verses, so I guess he got the best of both worlds lol

  28. kayluh1996 Says:

    @Maddeuh that’s when it was posted on here

  29. kayluh1996 Says:

    @Maddeuh that’s when it was posted on here

  30. TheBreathofAC Says:

    Good Song check out Breath of AC!!! click on my name

  31. ArmondoeCruze Says:

    @Maddeuh So true

  32. cdrooks11820 Says:

    Um, how does he talk that fast. O.O

  33. Maddeuh Says:

    This aint from 2010… I was listening to it like 3 years ago^^

  34. 89Profe Says:

    T -Dot

  35. Vale5899 Says:

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  36. estdec Says:

    i swear it didnt sound lyk drake

  37. runescape335 Says:

    first 2 comment

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