How to Spot the Poker Fish

March 09, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Tips

poker-fish Poker Fish

It becomes more challenging to spot the Poker Fish. With tons of “Online Poker – Play Online” tutorials and tools on how to play online poker games they have learned to camouflage themselves, but they still have no idea how to play.

Some poker players might not look like poker fish at all and might look to be a Poker Shark player until you watch him closely. It just takes a little observation and a willingness to try new things that might be uncomfortable at first.

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If you are playing against the guy who bets every single time but gives up at the first sign up danger, you can put a little mark on this guy. All you need to do is call every bet he makes on the flop and then bet into him on the turn. You can also raise his flop bets for instant shut downs. If this guy finally resists you, get out of his way and try again on the next hand.

Terrible 3-Bet Ranges
Some of the poker fish disguise themselves very well as aggressive players by 3-betting a lot. They’ve read a little strategy and they know that 3-bets are “aggressive moves” but they don’t know why or when to 3-bet.

You can abuse these poker fish all day long by using their wide 3-bet ranges against them. You have to be very careful when making plays against 3-bets because pots that have been re-raised before the flop are a lot bigger than other pots.

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