Poker Face~Lady gaga~Club Penguin

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Hey! Thanks for watching you guys! u!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

0:00 Manifesto Of Little Monster (Interlude) / 3:01Poker Face Download: *No Copyright Intender.. The Whole Show (Audio/Video) Is Self Live Recording. Manchester United Kingdom UK Dublin Ireland Belfast Liverpool London Glasgow Cardiff Birmingham Auckland New Zealand…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Poker Face~Lady gaga~Club Penguin”

  1. Iceburg91366 Says:

    you misspelled “angel” in your name wrong.

  2. autumnashes900 Says:

    @Alexandra12181 i no tht 1 lol

  3. ThePooleye Says:


  4. Thesunshine8090 Says:

    @princesszelda456 gotta do it more quick next time ;)

  5. Thesunshine8090 Says:

    PENGUIN STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. princesszelda456 Says:

    @Alexandra12181 hey i waz about 2 say that

  7. isalmito476 Says:

    it´s a penguin strom!

  8. nanaama21 Says:


  9. TheEtb03 Says:

    @agentjello u copied me.

  10. agentjello Says:

    anyway look for dude da pen its me oh yea hes alot cooler than he sounds

  11. agentjello Says:


  12. TheEtb03 Says:

    I can’t get the song out of my head! Can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my poker face…………. Then comes Bad Romance, then Love Game, Paparazzi, finally now Born This Way. Thumbs up if u have hears all these songs before!

  13. TheEtb03 Says:

    This song made me dance laugh but this is nearly the same as laughing, but I LOLed!

  14. cooldjguy Says:

    @Alexandra12181 LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^

  15. MillyMollyMandy98 Says:

    haha 1:59 you look like you have an afro

  16. crazysparkle123 Says:


  17. JasonRWait Says:

    @crazysparkle123 YOU CRAZY BITCH KATHY

  18. crazysparkle123 Says:

    @JasonRWait i aint ur gurlfran

  19. elaine10839 Says:

    poke my penguin and rock

  20. Ninjapower5s Says:

    Omg i saw me! Its in the part : She gotta luv no body

  21. JasonRWait Says:

    @crazysparkle123 NO WAI gurlFRAN

  22. Alexandra12181 Says:

    @bats4765 Well maybe they didnt think it was funny. i tell it to some of my friends too. some laugh some dont but thats ok. But it seems to be a hit on u tube. :)

  23. bats4765 Says:

    @Alexandra12181 lol i told that joke to my freinds. no one laughed :(

  24. pingui9143340 Says:

    your penguin has huge sandless kool

  25. crazysparkle123 Says:

    @JasonRWait ur the fat-four-eyed bitch

  26. HollowNatural93 Says:

    4:53 Lucky Bastard!

  27. TheMadization Says:

    3 people are fans of justin bieber.

  28. DjIzzy319 Says:

    she’s got a crazy body!

  29. artistique1 Says:

    Those flashing colored lights give off an “Encounter of the 3rd Kind” vibe.

  30. JoelE2426 Says:

    I love

  31. TheGreatestH Says:

    she seems so tired in this video, she’s clearly working sooooo hard!

  32. WasWasLo Says:

    shes the most amazing artist to walk on earth !!!!!!!!


    Great Post.. Ironically, you posted this on Feb 19th. (The day my mother passed away this year in fact). She loved this song… Thank you. :) -aggy

  34. SiempreContenco Says:

    fucking perfect this DVD

  35. scottk5231 Says:

    thanks for putting the download links up, it’s taken me 3 days but i’ve downloaded the entire DVD :L!

  36. imasugarush Says:

    I love the glitter catsuit <3

  37. mssadistic1 Says:

    this is amazing. I just can’t believe…wow. You’re amazing. Thanks for making this <3

  38. marvinliebtgaga Says:

    it´s that a wig ???

  39. myqueensindel Says:

    Proof that she is going to take over the world and enslave mankind. Only her little monsters will have rights to power and be her loyal minions.

  40. 1994fashionboy Says:

    @ 1:18 you can hear a girls voice screamin the shit out of her lungs, she’s a screamer lol

  41. G0G0LIT0 Says:

    I love verry so much this video !:;)

  42. angelitasweet28 Says:

    fantastic!!!! =3

  43. irwinke Says:


  44. ace342006 Says:

    One of the best parts of the MBT. It will finally be aired from HBO in May 2011.

  45. StefanHeinzl Says:

    please please please upload the final 2 parts ^^ Can’t wait for them

  46. nzbt1 Says:

    you are a legend for uploading all of these….hanging out for the final 2 hehe great work

  47. HamadAlObadi Says:


    مهبوووله هالادميه

    هي وهالخلاقين الي تلبسهم ههههههههههه

  48. thehausofgagax Says:

    audio is really good! amazing work once again. can’t wait for the final two performances! <3

  49. MeguLittleMonster Says:

    Lo Ame….todo tan bakan…! <3

  50. lordrampage Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!i would like to see show like this

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