poker face(cover) – by "of mice and men" lyrics on screen

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heyy guys plz comment on the vid and don forget to suscribe

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18 Responses to “poker face(cover) – by "of mice and men" lyrics on screen”

  1. WilliamScene Says:

    Lady Gaga probably loved this cause she’s a fan of all Metal.

  2. skater162010 Says:

    I bet Lady Gaga was all like FUCK YEAH! xDD

  3. loveeissmyyweaponn Says:

    i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. LucyB143 Says:

    I just KNOW lady gaga did a really horrible cover of this… i guess she wanted them to teach her how to scream, but they all said “Nah, I’m not like that.. I only teach girls to scream..”

  5. TTCGangstas Says:

    This is the first time I listened to the whole song :P

  6. LazzyyyAssness Says:

    Soo much better!

  7. vanessasherry Says:

    Way better. But any thing to do with lady gaga isnt my type…..but its still good:)

  8. xMiyakaChanx Says:

    It was okay, but better than the original? I think not. :P

  9. sonicachilles Says:

    hahaha fuck yeah!!!

  10. damatt11 Says:


  11. escapethefate313 Says:

    @motobbulous would be better if the music wasint louder then the singing =

  12. XxChildoftheReaperxX Says:

    THIS VERSION IS FUCKING EPIC!!!! my ears are having an orgasm listening to this haha

  13. nightjinz1 Says:

    Omfg…Austin I’s so hot ^_^ I swear I wanna marry him. But he’s already married :(

  14. nightjinz1 Says:

    Omfg….Austin is sook freaking hot I swear I wanna marry him =O

  15. motobbulous Says:

    This is epic. Way better than the original! [:

  16. JayyGoesRawr Says:

    Better than the real one(:

  17. xTorturedByDreamsX Says:

    haha this is the first song i’ve ever heard by them and its really awesome.

  18. IIROCKY10 Says:

    nice job on the lyrics :)

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