Poker Face [Regina George] – Collab with Maritza

November 22, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

A video about the character Regina George from the Movie Mean Girls. Collab vid with Maritza [unforgetablelook] Song: Poker Face by Lady Gaga thanks for Lori @ Hellagood for clips ;) Please rate nd commet
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25 Responses to “Poker Face [Regina George] – Collab with Maritza”

  1. 19ShilohDog98 Says:

    very good video! I love this song, and the movie Mean Girls!

  2. astralvigilante Says:


  3. puppilove1996 Says:

    what did u use to edit this?

  4. SannKltz Says:


  5. tamith85 Says:

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  6. PPGandRRBfan Says:

    Arron Samuels is soooo hot

  7. cloinaz92 Says:

    why is it that now all videos have an intro with another song and clips of something tootally diff from the actual title?

  8. Rosetylerfano1o1 Says:

    Lol, very true ^ ^

  9. ILoveYouBabii223 Says:

    I know! They are both my favourite films :) Especially JTMD :D

  10. HPtookovermylife Says:

    i swear they got thier inspiration for that movie from mean girls I LOVE both of these movies xD

  11. ILoveYouBabii223 Says:

    Regina George is the female John Tucker.

  12. Tyanes17 Says:


  13. moviesman2008 Says:

    love the song, love the movie, love your vid. excellent job :) ive just made a mean girls vid.. go check it out if ya like.

  14. ViCoProductions Says:

    OMG awesome video, i love rachel in this movie :}

  15. JMacsGirlfriend Says:

    freaking awesome

  16. monikettaa Says:

    i love it!

  17. ashleytisdalefan007 Says:

    I hate how she has my name. :)

  18. SweetBlackAngel16 Says:

    lol it’S awesome!

  19. moonlight9283 Says:

    That was so good! Such good editing.

  20. keeksdee Says:

    I was pausing it and accidently rated it 1 when clearly it deserves 5, sorry!

  21. miasego Says:

    Move Along By: The All American Rejects

  22. maymaysmiles Says:

    great job(: hahaha!

  23. ouuchproductions Says:


  24. FuckeyFrizzyLOL Says:


  25. vhiixo Says:

    The Song Is Perfect¡
    I Love Lady GaGa
    I Love Rachel McAdams

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