Poker Face – Orange County Performing Arts Academy

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Orange County Performing Arts Academy – Hall of Fame 2010 – Ontario, CA

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25 Responses to “Poker Face – Orange County Performing Arts Academy”

  1. urrka728 Says:

    loved the choreography!

  2. bsmiles562 Says:

    I loved that they were risky and fearless. Very different and in my opinion, I think Lady Gaga would’ve loved to see how crazy they got lol

  3. dancingator88 Says:

    Amazing choreography and that red-head with the poofy hair is something special :)

  4. OCPAAdancer247 Says:

    they are all 13 and 14 and the song is not the glee version. i go to there studio but im a junior and they are teens. you guys can see me dance type in: ihollywood shelby patterson and my dance is called whats up:) thanks and im 11

  5. sk8phoeve Says:

    seriously, girls this good shouldn’t be doing popular songs. this kind of talent should be eccentric.

  6. TDCdancer94 Says:

    I loved Your Guys’s Dance This Past Weekend At Spotlight. The One With The elastic Cord Or Band Or Whatever. it Was amazingg. And So Was This Dance :)

  7. ElizaFoSho Says:

    @lilpizzuti94 her name is loulou

  8. ElizaFoSho Says:


  9. lilpizzuti94 Says:

    i cannot stop watching the girl with the short afro looking hair shes hilarious lol

  10. ellbell1112 Says:

    @bloodgushingsquirrel it’s just the piano version of Poker Face by Lady Gaga!

  11. bloodgushingsquirrel Says:

    does anyone know what the version of this song is?

  12. xSOPHiiiAx Says:

    But seriously imagine them dancing like this in like a longer dress or like a tutu. It wouldnt fit with the dance

  13. Takeitoff08 Says:

    @panchoallegroresort2 are you serious…their turns were MORE than together

  14. sammiibellaa Says:

    these girls are really good! how old are they?

  15. panchoallegroresort2 Says:

    Well, it seems that they have a REALLY BAD COREOGRAPHER!!!… where the HELL is the Coordination??.. Individually, these Little girls are AMAZING!!!. To be honest, but they have NO clue about the distribution of the members on the Stage!!!. But i like the idea… very good!. @panchoallegror

  16. hunhundancer7 Says:


  17. kayfrox101 Says:

    dude ppl need to get over the costumes. ots what dance is. it goes with the dance and it shows their body lines. dont like it dont watch it

  18. dancegymnast1 Says:


  19. biskpinch Says:

    @teachdance4life i think they had to match the costume with the dance.

  20. ItsAlyssaYaDigg Says:

    This is fantastic! Beautiful lines!

  21. TDCdancer94 Says:

    This Dance Makes Me Smile. I Watch it At Least Once A Day. :)

  22. yasminamay13 Says:

    Someone PLEASE tell me how old they are PLEASE!!!!!

  23. Dancer0526 Says:

    Lol i love how this studio always makes people laugh but are always sooo AMAZING

  24. brlynsyrup69 Says:

    so..this is amazing!

  25. dancegymnast1 Says:

    Great turns!!!!!

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