Poker Face – Nightcore (Remix)

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Poker Face – Nightcore (Remix) Link to Download Link to download the picture:
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25 Responses to “Poker Face – Nightcore (Remix)”

  1. darkobst117 Says:

    Yes yes we do just kidding we don’t Wat to look at girls online we talk to them in school and stuff

  2. KatyLuverPerry Says:

    @princessnisey2 lol i bet they do

  3. princessnisey2 Says:

    O-o i just wonder do men just watch this to stare at the pic :o

  4. 747knarf Says:

    @Martialsmash I ment i haven’t got a pokerface to

  5. Martialsmash Says:

    @747knarf no it’s still at 21.

  6. dannys1andonlyfan Says:

    @perttygurlswaqq i know like 10 counting me:)

  7. TheTortelini Says:

    The remix is awesome!! ^.^ i have only a ear worm of tis remix! xD
    Nice, nice

  8. 747knarf Says:

    @xXxCakeIsKawaiixXx make that 22, but great song!!!! me (L) it

  9. xXxCakeIsKawaiixXx Says:

    21 people don’t have a poker face

  10. longbows100 Says:

    @KurdtMk2 it sure would man shes so hot

  11. KurdtMk2 Says:

    World would be so much nicer place if all the pretty girls dressed like that ;-(

  12. bellystraw Says:

    @illel7j dude i once sang poker face and i sounded like cartman for real

  13. NeOnPaNdA14 Says:


  14. DemonDagger25 Says:

    hot pic
    nice nightcore version
    all in one: very awesome ^^ *like*

  15. jirachi48 Says:

    what anime is this from?

  16. rosewaterkaren000 Says:

    woah, u did a really good job nightcoreing it.

  17. peaceandlovetogod Says:


  18. AceBellamanx Says:

    @MusicTedium Yeah, not really.

  19. MikuZhatsune Says:


  20. SlaveOfTheMoon Says:

    @Chefkeks1 Heaven forbid that when you take time to listen to something you like, it takes time.

  21. hakub2 Says:

    @illel7j you mad?

  22. illel7j Says:

    @hakub2 lol? do we know each other? no didnt think so, so… fuck you.

  23. hakub2 Says:

    @illel7j isnt southpark a bit to mature for you?

  24. 12323Michelle Says:

    way 2 fast! but i still luv it. ;)

  25. CryWolfProductionsUS Says:

    Can’t read my, Can’t read my, no he can’t read my POKE HER FACE!
    <——-ADD Ver.
    very nice<3

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