Poker Face Lip Sync

July 27, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Haha two in a row, guarantee you’ll smile with this one.
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25 Responses to “Poker Face Lip Sync”

  1. KarmaK09 Says:

    These guys are cute

  2. LastCookieInJar Says:

    Epic fire…

  3. celog1994 Says:

    The skinny one is hot. and funny.. But i love your videos.. definatly need to make some more!! (:

  4. 6ferris Says:

    hahaha the skinny guy is really hot!!!

  5. angelasabel Says:

    dude the less cubby guy looks like my guitar teacher!!!!

  6. kikykiyo Says:

    like this one :p

  7. T0mmmmi Says:

    respect the fire

  8. poker1QQ Says:

    @paulavictoria96 laugh out loud

  9. mydresser Says:

    @trueblue2968 real fire and like a champ i still lipped the whole line :) you simply shook your ass

  10. butterfly12953 Says:

    i love it hope to see more

  11. 13xox13 Says:

    lol lol lol this made my day!!!!

  12. jokerm63dg Says:

    @paulavictoria96 L:lauging O:out L:loud LOL :)

  13. littlecheyenne1595 Says:

    i literally laughed out loud watching this :) You guys are so funny.

  14. h8aification Says:

    wereyour pants really on FIRE ..
    i probabaly sound like a retard but good editing tho

  15. paulavictoria96 Says:

    @poker1QQ what does lol mean? i know is for l…jajaja things but i don tknow what the leters stand for

  16. poker1QQ Says:

    again, must be an asian LMAO when in doubt put lol.

  17. poker1QQ Says:

    @paulavictoria96 LMAO when in doubt put lol.

  18. Koshimae217 Says:

    @paulavictoria96 it is spelled laughed,

  19. paulavictoria96 Says:

    jajajaajajaaa cool i lafted (┬┐lafted?) very much, you are funny

    is it written lafted??

  20. Koshimae217 Says:

    @trueblue2968 if people cant get it,they are retarded,rather funny lol

  21. Koshimae217 Says:

    burning crotch,i salute u lol

  22. boodyboo20004 Says:

    oh wow u guys r really funny :)

  23. Anythingcool19 Says:

    How are videos like these made? Like how do you edit all this stuff and match it with the music… Because i rly want to try something like this lol… Some please help? :D

  24. xDopeGurlFreshxx Says:

    your hot.

  25. linnies Says:

    you guys are so funny <3 should ve made it longer

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