POKER FACE: LADY GAGA LAS VEGAS inspired: robin moses nail art design tutorial

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(found in the hot nail playlist) being born in vegas i have done a million types of vegas designs, but i wanted this one fierce and blingy for all of my live strip poker face requests!!! my love and thanks…spread the word. have fun. enjoy yourself. practice! try them and say: “inspired by robin moses” if you do! signed, your nail art wizard PHD (do you have questions?!?— ALL OF MY MOST ASKED QUESTIONS ARE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT @ ROBINMOSES.COM. there are also 7 videos in my favorites section that teach you TONS of stuff to get started, please watch those and your questions will probably be answered. if anyone sees someone asking, can you please direct them for me so i can use my time to ask questions i havent answered!!! :) FIND ME IN THESE PLACES: (FOR GOOD PICTURES) (FOR UPDATES ON TUTORIALS) facebook fanpage: robinmosesnailart(FANPAGE) (TO SHOW ME WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED FROM MY TUTORIALS) (FAN ME HERE TO SUPPORT MY ART AND GOALS) it helps girls who want to learn find me!

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25 Responses to “POKER FACE: LADY GAGA LAS VEGAS inspired: robin moses nail art design tutorial”

  1. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @AKVDR99 lol…look at my halloween playlist!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. AKVDR99 Says:

    LUV YOUR VIDEOS!!! I have another idea!!! you could do a halloween theme tutorial. you could do chucky, jigsaw, scream, the clown from Drive Thru. Any scary character!!

  3. bambajamba Says:

    no problem doll =)

  4. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @Idiotsoverdose because i didnt want a lady gaga nail..when i do a lady gaga nail…everyone willl know it…LOLOLOL and i didnt want a traditional poker card because thats boring to me (being born in vegas and painting it 23432423423 times) so….this is met in the middle and would go with both either and more………, yeah……….i love this look..i hope it gets seen..its so so so hard to get ‘seen’ …like i know so many people would dig it, but i dont know how to get it there?

  5. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @Idiotsoverdose yeahhh…i do this a lot……it allows me to freeflow on the nail without thinking and yet come up with a design that goes with everything……….it needs a name……………lets think of one.

  6. Idiotsoverdose Says:

    It’s almost like… :/ contour? a sketch… I feel like I should know what this style is called xD

  7. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @selahstar lol!…yes …someone told me that..i usually catch those things before i topcoat, but…………….i was in a very very small time schedule and had lots to paint….LOL..i think it came out okay…..i wish i could change it though :) xoxoxoxo lol

  8. selahstar Says:

    did you realise you painted the J backwards?? lol… the assless chaps thing made me laugh! you are too cute!!

  9. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @angiestar101 girl….i had to practice practice will be better than me in no time..keep going!!!!!

  10. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @fedoralove thank you so much fedora!!!!

  11. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @AnimePRFury thank you!

  12. AnimePRFury Says:

    They’re so CUTE!

  13. fedoralove Says:

    So cooooool!!!

  14. angiestar101 Says:

    Beautiful look. You inspire me. I do some nail art but not at as good as you I’m only 14 and I can only do nail art that is stylized versions of things but yours look so realistic! Love it!

  15. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @linda165 linda, thank you so much!!! its so cool you are back and here and *huge hug*

  16. linda165 Says:

    OMG you are truly and artist!

  17. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @bdsaintess thank you so so much :)

  18. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @AIXA73 thank you so much aixa!!!! :) have a wonderful day too!!!!

  19. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @kattg0614 as always, thank you and my love to you katt, you rock girl :)

  20. kattg0614 Says:

    These are very cool… :0)

  21. kucibaba2 Says:

    @robinmosesnailart How do you practice on paper? With nail polish or acrylic paints?

  22. AIXA73 Says:

    A M A Z I N G !!! You are just incredible!!! What an artist!!! I love you and your nail art!!! Have a great day!!! xx

  23. bdsaintess Says:

    Those are amazing!!!! Robin, you do some magical stuff!

  24. fictionwriter04 Says:

    @robinmosesnailart Sounds great! I will definitely do this :)

  25. robinmosesnailart Says:

    @fictionwriter04 that would be awesome. :D in the description say —”inspired by robin moses” just trust me on this……i think YOU will inspire other girls by trying my work..i am excited to see what you do.

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