poker face-lady gaga (encore)

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poker face-lady gaga (encore)

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25 Responses to “poker face-lady gaga (encore)”

  1. 0shiningdraco0 Says:

    2:50 Favorite and funny part
    WEWT a dancer!!!!!XD

  2. baalbaki5 Says:

    kid .. u look like denzel washington .. imao

  3. cooldude2680 Says:

    @bighug get a life yah sad fuck,hes a kid,and even if he is gay whats that got to do with his performing,hes awesome,

  4. cooldude2680 Says:

    this kid is ice cool,i love his lip syncs,well done wee dude

  5. TygaAbbey Says:

    do you actually notice these people watching?
    if you do then i think its cool of you cause you dont let what other people think stop you from doing what you love. Thumbs up to that!xx

  6. devilgirl0110 Says:

    Lol classic how everyone is staring like WTF is that boy doing now millions of ppl can watch them round the world haha

  7. OnlyCookieMonster96 Says:

    everyones face is like..fuckiin priceless!!! hahahha

  8. tyricarmstrong Says:


  9. omarhandsome12 Says:

    lmao this ppl are hella nosi

  10. Justina508 Says:

    @bighug20 ur rude @bighug20

  11. Dia457 Says:

    @nicholifavs u really answer peoples disses naturally, and with a simple clear answer…I like that ;)

  12. Dia457 Says:

    @bighug20 okayyyyy :/ very wierd….. I woulnd’t speack to this person..I have nothing against gays or lesbians I have some friends that are like that but the whole (:P hehehe) is a little creeepy. Plus HE does not look gay.

  13. HuntedByCat Says:

    U got BALLS i just starting singing like that in front of people lol ;D

  14. awesomeja3 Says:

    @tkwarfare319 No haha i think we left wen he stopped but it was cool watching him

  15. Tommyjai21 Says:

    Luv ur shirt and i think the girl on the left is into you lol

  16. 10kev22 Says:

    omg mec toi te un ouff

  17. sam92296 Says:

    you got balls bro

  18. tkwarfare319 Says:

    @awesomeja3 oh well i feel dumb anyway did u talk 2 him

  19. awesomeja3 Says:

    @tkwarfare319 now i know i’m gonna look a little different, but go to my channel and look at my picture

  20. tkwarfare319 Says:

    @awesomeja3 any prove……………..

  21. awesomeja3 Says:

    @tkwarfare319 No dude i noticed that he waz maqking a youtube video and later that day we looked it up and we wer in the video ok i promise i’m not lying!!

  22. tkwarfare319 Says:

    @awesomeja3 sarcastic, i mean wat r da odds of u being there then say hey let me type poker face encore and c yurself

  23. awesomeja3 Says:

    @tkwarfare319 are u being sarcastic or not cuz that really is me i promise!!

  24. tkwarfare319 Says:

    @awesomeja3 yea ok

  25. michaelsmomoct27th Says:

    you are soooo good!!!!!

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