Poker face (Glee version) cover by Sandra Pérez and Reiro

March 27, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Us singing Poker Face by Lady Gaga (Glee version) in our concert ,november. Follow me on twitter: @SandieNYCity Tuenti: Sandra Pérez Cantante Apoyo Fotolog: PLEASE feel free to leave us comment and let us know your opinion xoxo Sandra
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19 Responses to “Poker face (Glee version) cover by Sandra Pérez and Reiro”

  1. rebeca1111100 Says:

    Me gusta cantas re biien

  2. Luv4NailArt Says:

    not the best english. but you do have a great voice ;D

  3. Lady1Iris Says:

    @brujitasisis es un chico xD

  4. brujitasisis Says:

    eres famosa y otra cosa lo q canta contig es una chica no?

  5. Lady1Iris Says:

    @QUIRARTE05 muchas gracias Bridget ya sabes que te admiro y te quiero mucho y todos los comentarios tuyos son un honor :)
    muchos besitos !!

  6. QUIRARTE05 Says:

    lo mas lindo que eh escuchado hermanita !!! tu mereses estar en los mas grandes esenarios y compartir todo tu talento y tu linda voz al mundo!!! eres un sol y te quiero como no te imaginas!!! bexxitos y abrazos bridget!!! ahhhh!!! tambien felicitame a reiro quien canta muy lindo tambien!!!

  7. Lady1Iris Says:

    @uandme06 thank you ! :)

  8. Lady1Iris Says:

    @eyeCvideos thank you !!

  9. eyeCvideos Says:

    Great performance Sandra!
    Chris (TFCT)

  10. uandme06 Says:

    Yeh…love it. Great job Sandra

    Richard (TFCT)

  11. SmileyRose3 Says:

    I love it!

  12. RevolutionMercer Says:

    Haha you can always check out better vids at
    rude. cz. cc
    sign up is free which is great
    and after you verify your email.. you get TONS of access ;)

  13. JohnClark777888 Says:

    oh ya i saw it too hehehe

  14. michaeljones756 Says:

    i think i saw a nip not well hidden :)

  15. barbiehi26 Says:

    great song!

  16. Stueycomebackungar Says:


  17. cardology Says:


  18. sandraphillips77 Says:

    girls in the sixties knew how to party

  19. jamesharris047 Says:

    my girl sure is neat :)

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