Poker Face (Gaga Acoustic Version)

April 13, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

I do not in any way own this song. Please enjoy.
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24 Responses to “Poker Face (Gaga Acoustic Version)”

  1. metaldownsx Says:

    i happen to love your voice(: like bigtime.(:

  2. artlover727 Says:

    @sockbonobo go to her profile. she says she is a girl. then repeats it.

  3. Andielynn26 Says:

    You ARE marvelous.
    Your smile, even on a bad day, is priceless.
    There is ALWAYS something to smile about. ALWAYS.

  4. arr0vvv Says:

    she’s got me like nobody

  5. adri92239 Says:

    Hey, where do you live?

  6. ashleydurack Says:

    i love your voice =]

  7. arthea191 Says:

    You sound amazing. I don’t really like Lady Gaga but I must say that I truly love your version. Keep uploading, your videos are great.

  8. sockbonobo Says:

    she IS a boi

  9. themissashleemariee Says:

    your voice is gorgeous and your absolutely adorable :)

  10. wholleson Says:

    she is a girl -.-”

  11. wholleson Says:

    SHE is a GIRL….

  12. wholleson Says:

    she is a girl..

  13. je9ry Says:

    dude… you sound like a girl…

  14. elinablossom Says:

    wow. you actually made me like lady gaga.
    sorry about your sad day, btw. you have amazing talent. Where is your gig?

  15. hotcuteemogirl Says:

    this is a girl with a beautiful voice i love it

  16. luvuxoxoxo Says:

    shes a girl

  17. ilLOVESyou Says:

    i absolutely fell in love with you again just hearing ur voice gives be butterflies
    xoxoxo mariah

  18. EvaKatieAndCici Says:

    Sorry about your crappy day:(

  19. hornet3luvsu Says:


  20. LissaApplesauce Says:

    it was adorable making yourself laughing when you snapped :) made me smile

  21. FiddleSticksx Says:

    congrats on having your first gig :]
    great cover!

  22. lobensiedasgefallen Says:

    aww i love the new (im pretty sure its new…) hair!

  23. raygun92 Says:

    weird, i had a bad day too and decided to veto all responsibilities, especially those relating to school, and play guitar all day

    congratulations on your gig, i’m sure you’ll be great

  24. rainyskky Says:

    grats on the maby first gig thing! : D and you did a nice job, your voice carrys very well while you play.

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