poker face dnb bootleg

July 24, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

drum and bass bootleg of lady gaga’s live strip poker face
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “poker face dnb bootleg”

  1. xSlipknotik Says:

    @mojunglestyles Hi-larious. :D

  2. mojunglestyles Says:

    @xSlipknotik Weird I found you by accident. It’s mo btw. ;)

  3. andrew82517 Says:

    na mate, dont like it. Love DnB and Poker Face but….. no

  4. ZMARec Says:

    pls.. where can i buy this song on the vinyl? or quality MP3 download?

  5. xSlipknotik Says:

    @xSlipknotik Could use more bass though.

  6. xSlipknotik Says:

    Not bad, download link?

  7. BachyCZ Says:

    absolutní BOMBA!!!

  8. DJCRooK3D Says:

    @NathanielAndrew100 search for dvdvideosoft

  9. tomasGT5prologue Says:

    original is big shit..this is remix ist best!!!

  10. cocacolasodapop Says:

    Love it!

  11. motherfuczker Says:

    @MrJosefCZ to jo *yeah* :-D

  12. MrJosefCZ Says:


  13. darkkrone1 Says:

    il est super ce remix,j’adore…

  14. Shadowprey1 Says:

    yeah that´s PRO.. !!

  15. Spaceplx Says:

    Would’ve liked it alot more without any singing, or with less. Still is a good one though.

  16. Spaceplx Says:

    @NathanielAndrew100 try file2HD

  17. NathanielAndrew100 Says:

    How do I find mp3iiiiify to download this song? I was told to google mp3iiiiify.

  18. masina632 Says:

    Where can I download mp3

  19. derichleau Says:

    to be honest i wouldn’t spin this one sorry i like the idea though some good ideas though

  20. Zoldaaak Says:

    I love dnb while I am playing poker, this is AWESOME man! Cuz of your dnb remix I am gonna get more money. thanks :-)

  21. itemnumbernine Says:

    Not to hate on anybody, I just think it could have used a little more. It has a real generic dnb track going. But props for the effort.

  22. MissKurama Says:

    Nice ;) I love D’n'B

  23. partical93 Says:

    oh… i hate the fact, that everything is around the Pokerface… dnb, rap, hiphop, metal, rock, acapellas…fuckin’ everything… anyway the track is cool:-D

  24. 13org Says:

    loving this tune !!!

  25. mojva Says:

    not too bad :D

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