poker…face dance off..way sexy

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amanda and vick dancing sexy as eva …lol funner than wen vickis mom walked in no her slut dancing

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25 Responses to “poker…face dance off..way sexy”

  1. xyzpdq2000 Says:

    vick definitely wins this one….the camera loves u and i don’t think ur going let anybody get in the way showing ur sexy moves!

  2. Tijuanense2 Says:

    I like so much the blonde girl


    fucking kids or parent watching this crap and stop jacking off. all the people in the bottom….—–v

  4. shneert1 Says:

    @tyexer I would pay millions for those =P

  5. tyexer Says:

    Anyone have vicki’s deleted videos msg me

  6. rainiebow89 Says:


  7. chucknorris136 Says:

    i wanna see the blonde stop pushing her away!

  8. TheCapton96 Says:

    @imTHEbitch11 y

  9. gamerplay Says:

    @imTHEbitch11 sooo whats her number lol

  10. gamerplay Says:

    @imTHEbitch11 id tap that, with a fucken stick tell its dead lol

  11. DeathOfTheUniverse Says:

    the brunette, i thought was funny. ( :
    the blondem did the same move over, and over, and over.

  12. pontonnoj Says:

    im more for the brunett she is hot as shit also she looks like she ahs alot of humor lol

  13. mattd6o9 Says:

    how old are you guy bc your pritty hot

  14. Rupsenshow Says:

    2:19 lol

  15. josh15rocks Says:

    now we can call the blonde one a slut because she has a STD. i would still tit fuck her. maybe anal aswell

  16. haseo106167 Says:


  17. yomasturbo Says:

    I think you both nice. It do look like blond try to hog camera, but it just in fun I think. Sorry you no longer friend. Look like they have good time once. And maybe you take her last name down for safety.

  18. NarlieGemini01 Says:

    The way they both dance, it sexy. :) But OMG, while middle of dancing, there’s pushing & almost got owned. But I think it’s suppose to be funny. Cool vid! 100 stars & add fave! :D

  19. MrRandomVideos2010 Says:

    In my oppinion the left girl has really good dancing skills, and she always tries to be erotic (*-*) But the other girl is also cool.

    Greetings from germany, keep it going!

  20. alkoholikka24 Says:

    @imTHEbitch11 ehm… what are you talkin about?!^^

  21. hcomonster Says:

    the blonde is a SLUT! god damn pull up ur mo fuckin tank top! skank.

  22. stopxthexworldx Says:

    not even gonna watch. whores.

  23. CAKEvid Says:

    @imTHEbitch11 tomorrow im 15 :D

  24. iheartryan69 Says:

    this video is getting deleted =]

  25. thefatone43 Says:

    @jtgtjtgt and coc5m4ster or whatever
    terrible effort acting all hard over the internet hilarious all most as funny as the video!
    5 star video anyways.

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