Poker "dealers choice" games.?

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Question by Casanova: Poker “dealers choice” games.?
myself and four of my buddies play online poker real moneys 2-3 times a night.

- bets and so on. Biggest pot we have had to date was up around 0 (any game we play is no limit.)

Just curious if anyone knows any poker style games We don’t already play.

We cover.

Quarter on the Deuce (2′s wild have to pay to use em as a wild card)
Football (6/4 wild)
Baseball (3/9 wild)
Wulworth (5/10 wild)
Heinz (5/7 wild)
Low Hole
Roll your own Low Hole
High Hole
Roll High
Low ball
Jacks or better
Black-eye Betty
stud 5/7 nothing wild
7-10 card no peek
Follow the queen (queen and anything after it is wild)
kris kross
spit in the ocean
blind man’s bluff

So if anyone knows of a poker real money we don’t cover I’d love to learn it.

Best answer:

Answer by SeanLind
You’re missing Badugi, Chinese, Razz, O8, 2-7 triple draw (or is that what you’re calling lowball?), triple/single draw, Chicago, Pineapple (Crazy Pineapple).

Also, you shouldn’t play every game no Limit, some games require a little structure in the betting to make the game function as it was intended. Any serious action heavy game, such as Omaha should be Pot Limit, instead of No Limit.

PS. Follow the queen was actually named “Chase the B***H”, until the PC nerds got a hold of it.

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