Poker Bluffing. When to Bluff in Online Poker Games

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poker bluffing

Poker Bluffing Definition

Poker bluffing means betting or raising with a weak hand in online poker games. Poker bluffing is an essential skill for a poker player, and it’s essential to learn how and when to bluff if you want to win in poker.

When to Bluff

You need to learn in depth about when to do poker bluffing and when not too. Poker bluffing is not as easy as it sounds, it requires lots of practice.

  • Bluff from early position.
  • Bluff in hands where you have shown weakness rather than strength.
  • Bluff small pots in online poker games.
  • Bluff when you take three cards in draw, not when you take one.
  • Bluff when your opponent will not even think you would bluff here.

When Not to Bluff

  • Most poker players bluff from last position in online poker games. Many of them bluff in big pots. Most people bluff after they raised before the flop. Don’t bluff in these situations.
  • Do not bluff serially. You should not bluff when your opponents are expecting that you will bluff.  Not bluffing can help at times confusing the opponent to the core.

Poker bluffing requires the application of poker odds.  If you have arrived at some sure odds of your opponent your bluff should be more targeted to that particular opponent.  Tight and aggressive games coupled with poker bluffing is a winning poker strategy.

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