Poker Bluff Goes Wrong

September 08, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

perfect example of when bluffing goes wrong
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25 Responses to “Poker Bluff Goes Wrong”

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  2. smokebogie Says:

    i thought he was gonna push all in at the end that wuda been a bluff gone worng not that mess u put on there

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  8. badcatmcconell1324 Says:

    I was expecting someone to bluff every card that came out yet we got a one bluff fold.

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  22. MikayH1 Says:

    what went wrong. it was a perfect fold. misterAllin sir you are a donkey

  23. DABtheBoo Says:

    he was wating for the 7

  24. darkvision1 Says:

    @evexxxxx i got the worst bluff ever, final 2 tables im in third place, guy in second place is at my table, has me covered by 5 chips(in stacks over 100k chips). i get pocket aces, and raise, he re-raises, so i reraise, so he goes all in. i ofc call. he turns over 2/7. 2 on flop 7 on river. when i ask what the fuck he was thinking, his reply was “i thought you were bluffing”.

  25. Vengeance31 Says:

    2:07 my poker idol is sitting on the left, with the green shirt. :)

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