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RakeBack: Tournament Poker Edge Website: Pokerstars Home Game Tournaments. Every Sunday Club ID 529887 Invite: theevhero +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ EVhero discusses live strip poker pros and cons. Thanks to James W. from the UK for the question. What’s the good and bad side of playing live strip poker for a living? If you have any other topics you want covered on my live strip poker blog leave a question below. Cheers http itunes podcast:
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RakeBack: Tournament Poker Edge Website: Pokerstars Home Game Tournaments. Every Sunday Club ID 529887 Invite: theevhero +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Check out EVhero’s latest live strip poker blog about January Results and see his live strip poker goals for February. It’s been a rocky start and the PokerStars Supernova Elite Pace needs to be caught up. You can follow daily results on my website or get them tweeted to you on my twitter. http itunes podcast:

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  1. Fonquarius Says:

    so what happen when you meet a girl, what do you tell her
    better question, being a pro poker player where do you meet girls

  2. sickcallwu87 Says:

    Best video yet Buddy!

  3. theEVhero Says:

    @cannabisbisbisbisbis They’re not idiots, most people are just uneducated on poker. I don’t like the idea of showing off and showing my winning to people to make them feel bad about their income either. Just my opinion. Maybe I’m just lucky. I’m not in your siutation but I can talk about my struggles and poker with my parents and they will try and understand. The biggest thing with getting them to accept it was just time. Time is a good way to show them skill from luck ;)

  4. cannabisbisbisbisbis Says:

    the biggest pro would be proving wrong all these idiots who talk about poker like its all gambling and how you could never win long term. like my sister and my parents for example. and then showing them your yearly results and then shutting them up. or seeing all the people who work dead end jobs and be thankful of your talent and feeling grateful you’re not doing what they’re doing.

  5. theEVhero Says:

    @cannabisbisbisbisbis If you ever have a family emergency or perhaps want to take a break or perhaps lose the option to play online poker for a living like the U.S.A. right now I would suggest this. it’s good to have a backup plan when your income depends on a job with no security. Many grinders have 20-30 buy-in downswings or month long break even streaks. I know this from experience. You can do what you want but this is just my suggestion. Good luck to you.

  6. cannabisbisbisbisbis Says:

    if you 10 table a full ring game and play 160hrs a month, I dont think you’ll ever have a losing month.. definitely not a 6 month losing streak. your probably talking about mtts

  7. Gamubi Says:

    I played for a week straight, my apartment after i was done looked like a crack shack/hobo house lol….love the bank managment video, really need more discipline.

  8. theEVhero Says:

    @SHIPIT01 you’re right, how’d I miss that. I just find it doesn’t affect me as much. Probably because I live with 2 other poker players so it’s always social. my bad

  9. theEVhero Says:

    @CantBeblank thanks man, you’ll get their. Patience and study

  10. theEVhero Says:

    @stephenlandrum a few times a week, 2-4 I would say

  11. stephenlandrum Says:

    @theEVhero I Like your vids, how often do you upload a video?

  12. CantBeblank Says:

    I’m online poker player as well, not pro tho.
    I really liked your video, its all truth I already know it.
    a lot of luck for you in the bit Mtt’s , hope being a pro as well someday.

  13. nfaifa Says:

    Pro: Unlimited strategic complexity
    Con: variance in my results (variance in other people’s results I am not concerned about :-) )

  14. theEVhero Says:

    @BotswanaBrother sup

  15. BotswanaBrother Says:


  16. XplicitProject Says:

    you’ve forgotten one of the best pros according to “leatherass9″ and me: Liberty.

  17. theEVhero Says:

    @meenyko I’m there, it’ll add you when I log on and approve.
    I’ll hop on there later tonight.

  18. meenyko Says:

    tried adding u on skype..says u don’t exist mann you lying to us!?

  19. SHIPIT01 Says:

    Biggest con you missed is having a bad life balance,I found when I played at a prefessional level I sacrificed my socail life for poker,I’m sure alot of people can relate too this.

  20. theEVhero Says:

    @tkmkirill thanks mate, I’m lucky myself in the fact that I live with 2 other poker players to talk about this stuff with. I’ll be doing this style video once a week on the weekend. During the week will be my poker life blog videos

  21. tkmkirill Says:

    Great vid. More like this. Its so nice to hear about other players life and thoughts-.

  22. LynchsLaw Says:

    Great vid I agree with all those pro’s/cons’s,maybe a skill you missed is to be able to multi task well(a.k.a multi table well) so you get more hands in and decrease varience and also the more hands you play the better you get…in theory lol

  23. theEVhero Says:

    @Insanepixel haha, naw never done it in my life.

  24. theEVhero Says:

    @TheWeightIsOverShow haha, nh Jeff. Nice getting chirped by your best bro since grade 4.

  25. TheWeightIsOverShow Says:

    AWFUL end credits music…otherwise okay…could you consider not showing your face though?

  26. theEVhero Says:

    @CantBeblank Actually in February I switched back to 1-2NL 100bbs deep and it’s going a lot better. Thanks for the tips mate.

  27. CantBeblank Says:

    you need at least 4 times a week gym, do A-B pla
    and eat 5 times, small smaller meals less fast food,
    try sleep at least 8 hour’s. I’m sure if you will follow that
    maybe you will play 2-3 hour’s less, but you will play your A+
    and I’m sure you will see more befits
    GL, btw you playing omaha pl ? or just holdem nl/cap.

  28. BotswanaBrother Says:

    I understand, hope you make it!

  29. theEVhero Says:

    @BotswanaBrother I’d rather keep that private. I don’t mind posting results and talking strategy. I don’t want to give the players I play against an edge from reading my blog if they knew my screen name. I mostly play 1-2NL 6max. Either the CAP tables or 100bb tables. Whatever is softer when I play. Cheers

  30. BotswanaBrother Says:

    @theEVhero what is your screen name / stakes?

  31. theEVhero Says:

    @KickerPlays getting punched in the face by bad beats :P

  32. KickerPlays Says:

    why your lips so big?

  33. theEVhero Says:

    @derekeverett I just stick to coffee and cigarettes mostly. Caffeine crash doesn’t happen if you drink 6 coffees a day.  :)

  34. theEVhero Says:

    @SHIPIT01 don’t get me started on EV shipit. I only agree with that stat if you filter your database to show only allin preflop. It’s to scewed and I find a lot of people relying on it to justify run bad.

    For example If you AA vs 66 pf, you raise he just calls, Flop Q27 you bet he call, turn 6. You go allin he calls,

    Your EV in this hands is 4% or so. It doesn’t take in account the pf EV or the Flop EV only the street with the final action.

  35. derekeverett Says:

    I’m noticing this disturbing trend in the poker world of focusing on “lifestyle”, diet
    and exercise etc…. I’m not saying that is a bad way to think.. but I’m disappointed to see the good ol’ stand-by’s like Cocaine and Red Bull being phased out.

    Confidence is such an important part of ones game.. and I’m sorry but there is nothing better than a good suck on a crack pipe for that.

    lol of course I don’t touch the shit… but I’m pretty much a break even player too.

  36. SHIPIT01 Says:

    Seems pretty obvouis your going to be better off just platying Cap tables unless your NL tables yuou ran far under EV or something.

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