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PlayersOnly Poker

PlayersOnly Poker – Word’s Sexiest Poker . PlayersOnly Poker opened in 2006 on the Cake poker network, joining a small but growing group of poker sites accepting U.S. players and U.S. credit card deposits. This fact makes it a no-brainer choice if you’re looking for easy deposits. They can successfully process any US-issued credit card, allowing players to bypass the waiting time and hassle of an e-wallet.

In addition to that this sportsbook-crossover site has awful players and surprisingly has busy tables up to the higher limits. The software and graphics are quite nice, but thankfully not at the expense of functionality. The site was developed by a group of poker players, whom did a great job on making this rooms very players friendly, so functionality was also kept a priority.

Games offered are all variations of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud and Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo. Games, as per usual, are heavily concentrated in No-Limit Hold’em, especially at the small and middle limits, but at peak hours players can be found at most limits and games.

Software and Graphics

The PlayersOnly Poker software is fast and smooth with good playability. All the normal functions are there including notes during play and vital table stats like viewed-flop percentage, average pot and hands played per hour in the lobby.Every player is able to choose a photo-like avatar at the table, which is a typical birds-eye view. A feature I do like is the hand history, which actually shows the cards as graphics rather than making you wade through text lines to review a hand. Also, a meter that shows your bonus progress or player stats in built into each ring game window.

Overall though, the software is very playable, offers nice graphics and makes for a good playing experience.

poker table

PlayersOnly Poker Tournaments

PlayersOnly Poker host quite a lot of tournaments. Buy-ins can be as small as 25¢ and the largest buy-in is usually arond $200. The tournaments are faily busy and have a good structure. As opposed to most sites, PlayersOnly Poker also run a decent amount of tournaments in forms of poker other than Hold’em.

PlayersOnly Poker also runs a few guaranteed tournaments – the largest weekly tournament is the $50,000 Sunday guarantee, while the $100.000 monthly guaranteed tournament is the largest overall.

The overall spread of freerolls is pretty weak, with $100 or $200 freerolls open to all players offered every now and then, but this is compensated for this year by the massive $1 million freeroll series now running.

Each month a $100,000 guaranteed freeroll is played where the winner takes home $75,000 and the runners-up share $25,000. The freeroll series runs for ten months and awards a total of $1 million in free tournament prizes. Both freeroll and cash qualifiers for the monthly $100,000 finals run daily.

There are also plenty of tournaments that can be entered using PlayersOnly Poker tickets, and those multi-table and sit-and-go tournaments are usually quite large. In fact, it is not unusual for the prize pools to be in the thousands of dollars.

players only tournaments

Bonus Clearing: For each $1 raked in a ring game where a player is dealt cards, the player earns one Frequent Player Point (FPP). Each FPP is worth 6¢ towards your pending bonus. Once a player earns $10 in bonus money, the funds are removed from his pending bonus account and added to his regular PlayersOnly Poker balance.

For each $1 in tournament fees, a player earns seven FPPs. Please note players only have 90 days from the creation of the pending bonus account to earn the complete bonus. It’s a real money poker.

Loyalty Program

Each PlayersOnly player earns FPP’s, awarded faster than in many other online poker rooms. 1 FPP is awarded for every buck in rake with a max of 3 FPP’s per each hand. Besides of this, players earn 7 FPP’s for every buck in tournament rake, which also includes fractional points. Gold chips are awarded in addition to FPP’s and can be redeemed with free tournament entries, money and various merchandise.

If the Gold Card matches one of your hole cards you win that Gold Card, even if you folded your cards during the hand. Once you’ve won a Gold Card, you have four ways to win with a daily lottery, weekly races, guaranteed cash prizes and a grand prize.


PlayersOnly Poker offers telephone, e-mail and live chat support. Responses are quite fast and answers are of good quality.

Deposit options: Visa, MasterCard and cash transfer

Withdrawal options: Visa, MasterCard and check.


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