Play Strip Poker With Hot Girls Video

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Avatar Girls tribute with the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Characters are Katara, Toph, Mai, Ty Lee, Suki (only a little) and Azula. Program: Sony Vegas Pro 8 Show: Avatar (owned by Mike and Brian) Song: Poker Face Artist: Lady Gaga This is my second AMV with Vegas and I am still learning to use the effects so if you don’t like effects…DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO! Please comment/rate :)
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24 Responses to “Play Strip Poker With Hot Girls Video”

  1. ApasoTutorials Says:

    @poweranger56 xaxaxxaxxa
    i agree <

  2. poweranger56 Says:

    lol id be lucky to be that guy :D

  3. stunninglady1 Says:

    You know, I saw this same movie over at superxxxvids(.com). Only difference was that it was the full version.

  4. Puppysrock311 Says:

    i don’t use it any more X3 plus i used a trail version

  5. MathFreak314159 Says:

    @Puppysrock311 Haha yeah. You should keep experimenting though. The effects and timeline will come a lot easier if you keep trying:)

  6. Puppysrock311 Says:

    This was ur 2nd try?i’ve tried before and i’ve failed X3 never posted any of the vids cuz they failed so much

  7. peaceluvskulls Says:

    I love avatar!!! You go!!!!

  8. emopokemongirl Says:

    omfg awes0me XD

  9. MrBen10ben10 Says:


  10. Zuko4eva Says:

    this was freaking epic!!

  11. Pikapikachu071 Says:

    btw, awesome quality too! =D

  12. MathFreak314159 Says:

    Really? Thanks:)

  13. Pikapikachu071 Says:

    WOW!! =D This rocks!! =P 5/10000!! XD I would do that, but it’s only five =( =P *clicks the five star* enjoi! =3

  14. tyleechayenne Says:

    i like it mostly has toph and katara need more suki

  15. TemariNara97 Says:

    where did you get the epis?

  16. MathFreak314159 Says:

    Like the episodes?

  17. TemariNara97 Says:

    where did you get the material for the video?

  18. MathFreak314159 Says:

    Ha me too

  19. MrKub3e Says:

    i love avatar

  20. m20ata Says:

    go girl!! just do another

  21. MxAsuhgfs Says:

    Coool !!!!! 5/5

  22. 14Azula14 Says:


  23. YakuKikyo Says:

    I like it.^^

  24. inofangirl1 Says:

    It’s very cute! :)
    Katara is awesome!!

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