PK Trance – Poker Face [Space Cowboy Remix]

March 26, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

***Requested*** I do Not Own SONG or PICS

busta ryhmes ft other artists(touch it remix) jay-z(joccin Jay-z) satisfaction movie quote-fat guy in a lil coat(tommy Boy) hoplessly devoted(olivia newton john) miley cyrus(cant wait to see you again) akon(right na na na) lady ga ga(poker face) beenie man(king of the dance hall) cookie monster(c is for cookie) bear in the big blue house(goodbye song) naomi & natasha(girls in motion)
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37 Responses to “PK Trance – Poker Face [Space Cowboy Remix]”

  1. DaydraLoL Says:


  2. IceCharmer3561 Says:

    best remix ever

  3. CaglaTugye Says:

    nice :O XD

  4. dreambranch Says:

    sounds like blood spattering in the background.. O_o

  5. 10RexTheWolf01 Says:

    EPIC! :D

  6. cherryblosem1 Says:


  7. pimpkurosaki Says:

    lol XDDD nice

  8. Pattii3z Says:

    yeh i gotta admit its a killer pic
    i clicked on this link just cos of the pic

  9. pimpkurosaki Says:

    lol thx XDD

  10. DNangel567 Says:

    Nice pic ^ ^

  11. pimpkurosaki Says:

    i dont….this just sounds to badass lol and it was requested xD

  12. narutofan96325 Says:

    lol you said you didnt like Lady gaga XDD good song anyways and cute pic

  13. Rootskitchen Says:

    CAMEL TOE LIVES! sup wit the black face?

  14. Stylez1387 Says:

    lol the akon bit is jokes

  15. dfehr69 Says:

    can i have some muffin lmao jk

  16. dfehr69 Says:

    can i have some muffin

  17. lindsayRAGE Says:

    @MrJeffHardyFan then don’t watch the video you goon

  18. MrJeffHardyFan Says:

    thats all thats not even funny yuck

  19. NativeStarRecordz Says:

    Awsome Videos

  20. friends460 Says:

    funny girls u girls say u from peguis i live cloes too there lol funny keep up the video good work

  21. TheErika645 Says:



    Super funny, LMAO, you girls have a good imaginations and awesome video/audio editing skills.

  23. superdodo1988 Says:

    you guys are hilarious…

  24. guyjohnny Says:

    lol!….thats really good!…lol funnay

  25. xqelseeyxS31 Says:

    fuck you guys are good yo LMAO tight video lmao

  26. babyellie77 Says:

    LMAO love this vido its soooooo funnny lmao

  27. jdakotah1 Says:

    very good sense of humor keep it up !!! really funny

  28. marsdengurlz Says:

    yoou girlz are funny shit .. :L :L :L
    i couldnt stop laughing at your video’s ..

    anywayz keeep it up :L :L :L

  29. Cheydawn33 Says:

    i luv fat guy in a little coat

  30. charc2009 Says:

    pffff puhlease why do you even bother clicking on this kind of sheeit iff ur not in 4 a laugh! cuz basically thats whut itz about ! sooo dont even bother now that cyah know! cuz heyy whut can i say GIRLZ IN MOTION JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! in yo face pCe! no hataz…….;)

  31. sadiegurl03 Says:

    why do yous embarres yourselves like that :l what goes thru your girlz heads mang ?

  32. xStarsKOL Says:

    LMAO! this video is so funny.

  33. daskelpasquad Says:

    hahaha good shit.. funny az hell

  34. harriet111 Says:

    lmfao…this is so damn funny you girls.. hillarious. Needed a good laugh!

  35. kathys2007 Says:

    when I showed this to my babysiter she gigeled

  36. n8skiez Says:

    OMG Tash :L your sooo funny…
    Gotta do another one :L:L:L

  37. 6StringsOfMayhem Says:

    for heck sakes Lol my crazy cousins =P

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