Pixie Lott – Poker Face

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Music video by Pixie Lott performing Poker Face (Acoustic). (C) 2009 Mercury Records Limited
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25 Responses to “Pixie Lott – Poker Face”

  1. miguelhp1 Says:

    @Hinagiku22ify ahah, those cameras are heavy xD

  2. TicklesMeSillyYou Says:

    @Alina21n he always try to go down to her chest LOL.

  3. dodo1601 Says:

    beautiful :)

  4. Lucuskaaa Says:

    Pixie lott performed by Monica Povýšilová

  5. Bubblegumman7 Says:

    im not so interested in acoustic songs

  6. jessiolizzio Says:

    watch me singing please :D watch?v=RT6_Uv0StXk thank you xx

  7. 93paulin93 Says:

    with love to lady gaga….

    creo que eso le faltaba al video de una de sus admiradoras :/

  8. Ravewander Says:

    Sorry Lady Gaga, Pixie owns this song now.

  9. WhineUpDance Says:

    I can’t get enough of her beauty and her sweet voice! ^^

  10. duddyFAM Says:

    The imperfect tone of her voice makes this so perfect! I’m in love <3

  11. Alina21n Says:

    The camera man is a PERV!

  12. RooseveltFighting Says:

    @Hinagiku22ify its just you

  13. RooseveltFighting Says:

    lady gaga is fuckin trash

  14. thechipi24 Says:

    She touch her lips! :| that was sexy xD

  15. haleyhoneycutt Says:

    She sounds like Demi Lovato to me.

  16. Eidam655 Says:

    pretty pretty :)

    the song sounds absolutely different than the original… i think i love this version

  17. TheOMDays Says:

    omg, she’s so pretty !

  18. KaCuLiK1997 Says:

    Nice song :)

  19. sportsbabe2cute4u Says:

    this is my friends cousin. that is kinda cool. (:

  20. crazecool246 Says:

    my opinion is that pixie lott did it better … :)

  21. hannaahrose Says:

    A M A Z I N G <3 i love this

  22. 15gianna Says:


  23. EgoisticEmocoreGirl Says:

    <3 perfect :)

  24. EgoisticEmocoreGirl Says:

    <3 perfect :)

  25. shannonswann Says:

    love this<3<3

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