Pixie Lott – Love Come Down – Acoustic – HQ

January 11, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Pixie Lott’s acoustic cover of Evelyn Champagne King’s ‘Love Come Down’ in high quality. This was recorded live in 2009. Get Pixie’s GOLD CERTIFIED & AWARD WINNING album now @ bit.ly * * * Get all the latest Pixie News @ www.twitter.com

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25 Responses to “Pixie Lott – Love Come Down – Acoustic – HQ”

  1. McCutiecakes101 Says:

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  2. TheMickycohen Says:

    30 people are out of their mind

  3. trickmastermonkey Says:

    was this music video recorded with a grilled cheese sandwich?

  4. ATLjade1 Says:

    I just realised that i was smiling like a dork all through the song :3

  5. mayaaalovesyou Says:

    Her voice is soooo unique and beautiful

  6. rickosports Says:

    she sux…such
    a cute name though..so many pretenders

  7. Bubbles7267 Says:

    shes the best singer in the world

  8. bigswissa32 Says:

    amazing voice!!!

  9. AgentCarter Says:

    @tmhanksfan4ever so im not allowed to provide negative opinions of any form of entertainment in which i dont excel at personally?

    that is just retarded

  10. tmhanksfan4ever Says:

    @AgentCarter Really? Lets hear you do better.

  11. MoonReaper44 Says:

    im in love with pixie she’s so cute and have the most beautiful smile in the world her voice is so classical

  12. cerysjonesxox Says:

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  13. AgentCarter Says:


  14. teamlayeeefa Says:

    type in Layeeefa Lover OF Arts

  15. AntoinetteBabee Says:

    love this so much

  16. AllisonNicoleNabb Says:

    You are an Amazing at singer and you are gorgeous

  17. wow000999 Says:

    damn she really got into this song! <3 :P :D

  18. empispeedshop Says:

    Sacrilege. I’m willing to put money down that she never thought: “Guys i no a wicked 80′s funk/soul song to cover”

  19. Stothersify Says:

    @SoufianeMoroccan I think I just did =D

  20. thenameaintjim Says:

    her voice is so good! there’s no need for all that autotune in some of her songs.

  21. KiraCyan96 Says:

    Please have a listen to my cover of Pixie’s version of Use Somebody on my channel :) I’d really appreciate any feedback, thanks :)

  22. dansMAX Says:

    @theatredorkable yeah haha

  23. theatredorkable Says:

    @dansMAX R U SERIOUS?! :D

  24. CA1959 Says:

    Wow,totally blown away. This is one of my all time favorites,didn’t think anyone could ever sing this song as good as E.King, but I like this one a lot too because you have a awesome style of singing, and the acoustic guitar sounds good too.I’m going to listen to more of your songs,that was incredible!

  25. dansMAX Says:

    she lives near me :D

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