Pennsylvania is legalizing table games

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Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has signed a bill legalizing table games like poker and blackjack at the state’s slots casinos. Table games are coming to Pennsylvania’s slots casinos in summer.

Table games include poker, blackjack and roulette. Larger casinos will be allowed 250 tables for the new games, while the smaller resorts casinos can have 50. Meanwhile, the machinery for implementing the games is already sliding into place. If all goes as planned, casinos should be running the games by mid- to late summer.

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The games are expected to raise about $370 million in taxes over the next two years. Initially they would be taxed at a rate of 16 percent, with 14 percent going to the state and 2 percent to host municipalities and counties. The tax rate would drop to 12 percent and 2 percent after two years.

Like Pennsylvania, Delaware is preparing to introduce table games this year, which is bad news for Atlantic City. Atlantic City will lose the monopoly it enjoyed on table games among the neighboring states. The city will continue to lose the convenience gamblers in Pennsylvania who want to stay closer to home. Pennsylvania’s table games could be the catalyst for more Atlantic City-style nongaming amenities, such as upscale hotels, retail shops, restaurants and nightclubs.

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