Organization LIX "Strip Poker"

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“Sadly, this is nowhere near as sexy as you want it to be.” Written by Orin & Schala Edited by Orin Starring: Michael as Luxord Dymatrex as Axel Dymatrex as Demyx Sciguy as Marluxia Dymatrex as Zexion Tyger as Xemnas TagDaze as Saix Sciguy as Xaldin Hyphy as Xigbar MoChan as Roxas Schala as Larxene Ryuu as Vexen Music Used: Welcome to Wonderland A Walk in Andante Based on characters from Kingdom Hearts II, copyrighted by Disney/Square Enix Visit for more Join our forums:
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25 Responses to “Organization LIX "Strip Poker"”

  1. TaoRenLover345 Says:

    @KaoruNeko that sounds like goldfish “do you have any sixes?”

  2. tylerssonic Says:

    xigbar sounds like mikey from tmnt

  3. RAWRomnomMEOW Says:

    “Those are my panties…”
    “Would you like them back?”

  4. guiltyspark05 Says:

    Lerxene should have been in this.

  5. kingdomheartscam2 Says:

    all i saw was title……

  6. Tetsubo6 Says:

    If you mean there’s nothing but the title that’s how it’s supposed to look, OrgLIX is primarily an audio project and I only animate occasional episodes I feel that benefit from visuals or I just plain like a certain episode enough to do so.

  7. iwillbiteyouhahaha Says:

    I dont see antything…?

  8. itsalie Says:

    (at larxene) (space in witch she throws said object /)
    (1970′s) i’ll be damnd if your takeing my record player. duck boy!!!
    (1980′s) i’ll be damnd if your takeing my casete player. duck boy!!!
    (1990′s) i’ll be damnd if your takeing my cd player. duck boy!!!
    (today) i’ll be damnd if your takeing my blueray player. (CCCRRAAASSSHHH!!!)
    uuuuggghhhh……. do i always have to say duck boy?

  9. TheMightyMidna666 Says:

    @sk8ergothgrl98 yes it was sexy zexy crying XDDD

  10. sk8ergothgrl98 Says:

    lol Just eat the pizza, little dude!

  11. sk8ergothgrl98 Says:

    @Tetsubo6 lol yeah….

  12. Tetsubo6 Says:

    I don’t understand, the title of the episode? If so we have way longer ones than that.

  13. Tetsubo6 Says:

    Yup, that was him, hope the weirdness is over soon.

  14. Wolvorine42 Says:

    i dislike pepperoni&cheese i mostly just like the sause and the saUSAGE

  15. AxelsGirlfriend4life Says:


  16. sk8ergothgrl98 Says:

    I dislike pepperoni.

  17. sk8ergothgrl98 Says:

    was that Zexy crying? did he run away and slam his door? cuz if he did I feel SOOOOOOOO weird!

  18. Tetsubo6 Says:

    I’m assuming you’ve only watched animated episodes before this one, OrgLIX episodes have always been in audio form without visuals, it’s only because I volunteered and spent time and effort that the animated episodes exist and unfortunately I simply don’t have the time to animate every episode we’ve ever produced.

  19. yoru171 Says:

    why cant you see it?

  20. DjangoHiro Says:

    @PrincesTomboy It was probably Zexion. XD

  21. DjangoHiro Says:

    @CaliMoonProductions That was Saix who dislikes cheese. XD

  22. DjangoHiro Says:

    LOL at Roxas in the shower!!

  23. Tetsubo6 Says:

    You’re aware I occasionally animate some of the audios, right? If not just click on my channel for Stickers, Pregnancy Scare and at least one more in the making.

  24. CaliMoonProductions Says:

    lol You guys need to animate this stuff! I think it would be funny! lol :D Wow hates cheese? Is that Xemnas? OMG XEMNAS HATES CHEESE! I have to remake the dip now! Fudge!

  25. Tetsubo6 Says:

    If you mean you can’t tell the voices apart maybe you’d like to watch some of the animated episodes until you get used to who’s who and then return here for the rest of the audios, just click my name to go to my channel (I’m OrgLIX’s Luxord and Lexaeus and resident animator of the group).

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