Operation Nothing – Let's Start A Fire (Official Music Video)

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www.operationnothing.com – Sweden’s Operation Nothing release thier debut music video for the track “Let’s Start A Fire”. Directed, Produced and Edited by Alexander Fyrdahl www.alexanderfyrdahl.se Executive Producer Vincent Vensan Vukovic DOP: Mikael Frendel www.purplelionagency.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Operation Nothing – Let's Start A Fire (Official Music Video)”

  1. EddieSubmarine Says:


  2. POONyukfai Says:


  3. komnerfrantornet Says:

    fan vad ful han är när han sjunger….

  4. drogbadu13500 Says:

    plagia four year strong !!

  5. rockfullive Says:

    how can i download this song ?

  6. ForAllDisparity Says:

    23 dislikes? wtf…u guys are awesome…one of the best songs in the genre i heard for a while…catchy as hell…keep it up, keep on rocking and visit holland some time while ur doing so.

  7. zexl Says:

    this is so fuckin’ good! greetings from México!

  8. mysporehasbiggest Says:

    originellt det här ja! kul o se att brudar fortfarande har tillräkligt mycket självrespekt att vara med i sånthär objektifierande skitsnack :)

  9. contro07 Says:

    1:58 epic crowdsurf

  10. bugsareangelss Says:

    kaywait, why is the top comment f*ck you?? :s

  11. trattface Says:

    3:49 FAMILY GUY

  12. Klapptraet Says:

    Den här jävla låten går inte tröttna på!! X__X

  13. OhMehGoshLexi Says:

    i like how the guy in the letterman jacket is shoving those girls around…..

  14. Seb387 Says:

    @kn4k312 Haha. har du inte hört? Det är ju så alla coola katter här i stan snackar. =P

  15. kn4k312 Says:

    @Seb387 “E-town” fulaste jag hört :D började skratta åt de haha :D

  16. MyLastChanceToParty Says:

    Awesome BOOM at 3:00… Love it!

  17. Seb387 Says:

    @ginoisonfire “Light a match and start a fire” Let these guys handle the rest ;)

  18. Seb387 Says:

    @3vertonian Jägermeister, Thats how we party in E-town/Sweden. Dont forget that =)

  19. xSim777monx Says:

    when i saw this video first i thought they were just another wannabe famous band…..but when we played a show with them it was….AWESOMe….their live show is fucking great!!!

  20. 3vertonian Says:

    @jirokajuji Woah! You dont know how lucky you are, most parties i go to are good but their never as amazing or epic as this one looks! Was it in Sweden yes? And how the hell can you chug Jagermeister, its horrible :P !

  21. jirokajuji Says:

    @3vertonian I was there, (I’m the one who chuggs Jägermeister in the beginning!)
    I can tell you this, that night was one of the most epic parties I’ve ever been at, a great feeling, every one was pumped to the maximum!

    AWESOME Night and an awesome band!

  22. ginoisonfire Says:

    Lyrics please. :)

  23. dxnnyvmtbs Says:


  24. Sh00p3d Says:

    @3vertonian Amen to that Bro!

  25. 3vertonian Says:

    @Sh00p3d im fucking jealous, going to an awesome party and seeing an awesome band! mus of been amazing! and to that cunt that obivously doesnt know what he’s talking about: fuck off, if you dont like it your not welcome here!

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