Online Poker Video Tips: Grand Sufflets, Playability Value Twighlite Bluffs (#29)

November 10, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Online Poker Millionaire Water Boat has returned from France. Poker strategy video #28 discusses the playability value of your hands. Can you play them? Its a tough question, and water boat answers it. Learn how to play poker with an erection as well as how to induce misclicks, and how to win more pots and make crazy bluffs. Some cool online pros are: Omgclayaiken Durrr Phil Golfond Tom Dwan WPT final table WSOP PAD poker after darkyoung kid teaches people how to build chip leads fast, as well as what to eat in order to prosper in poker. Part one of my latest online poker video, I play an MTT, and 9 handed SNG and a HU SNG. If you like poker chip tricks view my other video with Pokemon music in it. Keywords: Online Poker. Rigged in the butt. Play the LAGy way. And you will bang chicks all day. Phil Ivey David Benyamine Patrik Antonius (so sexy) None of these jokers have the skill to beat all stakes. Watch and learn from a true online poker pro. Biggest Pot in online poker history at the micro stakes. (And by biggest, I mean one of the biggest in a 100bb capped game) MTT SNG Tourny This guy crushes every game. David Benyamine, and Phil Ivey, all built up his bankroll. Online poker player wins millions of dollars playing penny tables! High Stakes Poker Phil Hellmuth Ball Sack Online Poker Pro Phil Ivey Bluff Win Money Crazy Suckout HSP Song is INXS vs. E-40 – “Need U To Go” Sick remix of the E-40 song tell me when to go full tilt penis testicles
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25 Responses to “Online Poker Video Tips: Grand Sufflets, Playability Value Twighlite Bluffs (#29)”

  1. taunyaBriggshrfe Says:

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  2. wytaugie Says:

    this was hysterical, well done

  3. idealqaholq Says:

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  4. Horrorbuff2 Says:

    When you clicked Discuss Deal… I cracked up.

  5. PokerTutorials Says:

    @Matealvaro Yes.. This superior player can recognize his opponents by looking at their avatar, he can play aggressive with a bet on 30 with a pot on 600, he can do the hit a 1/45 5 times in a row. This players is blacker than Ivey, whiter than Dwan, cooler thn Antonius and uglier than Hellmuth. He is on a level far above anyone humans seen before, he, is, Water Boat.

  6. Alltimelow8161 Says:

    he’s from Israel… he’s got bigger things on his mind probably…. HAHAHA

  7. Alltimelow8161 Says:

    hahaha omg the 10 3 hand HAHAHAHA

  8. picturemosestab Says:

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  9. bubawithabuktonizhed Says:

    @00J4KE00 you obviously havnt been paying attention to these magical strats, you dont wait for a hand to double up, you wait for a hand to reverse twilight ( like open fold AK from the bttn).. making them think u folded a weak hand, when in reality u folded a strong hand… sht man havnt u learnt anything!?

  10. bubawithabuktonizhed Says:

    hly fcking shit i had to pause at around 20:00 with the 10 3o hand.. almost died from lol’s.. greatest series ever GJ!

  11. darinfarmer77 Says:

    you suck balls

  12. firearmqjfp Says:

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  13. breakout1289 Says:

    we hit are…oh jesus

  14. jaymac87b Says:

    @KuppaTee lol his vids are meant to be a joke u MORON

  15. GoldenRyu Says:

    @KuppaTee – Moron…

  16. anamorphiclapida Says:

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  17. MrBojanmarsetic Says:

    this is not poker… but it is a fine strategy for itself in life.

  18. senoritatorrideji Says:

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  19. bamboo Says:

    @KuppaTee he obviously joking you idiot.

  20. 9harman9 Says:

    LMFAO “suck my bal”

  21. stojanthemashine Says:

    his humor is just brilliant,honestly!

  22. unit4u2 Says:

    hahahahahaha suck my ball… HA!

  23. c05541235 Says:

    I love the grunt/sigh at the beginning of each video

  24. catalystembodym Says:

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  25. ezox00 Says:

    ah man your pronunciation of grands souffl├ęs is just priceless.. over and over again it becomes just extraordinary

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